2016 most recommended millet 3S 65 inch curved TV

On March 23th, Xiaomi held the '2016 Xiaomi TV Strategy Conference' in Beijing and launched the first curved TV named Xiaomi TV's 3S 65-inch curved version. It has to be said that Xiaomi is a promoter of smart TVs, such as smart TVs, ultra-thin TVs, split TVs, etc. Although Xiaomi is not the first person to eat crabs, the release of each type of millet TV has attracted a lot of attention from the industry. sensation. However, after the slogans such as “Young People's First Television”, “New Domestic Product Movement” and “Next Generation”, Xiaomi also issued the slogan “Technological Aesthetics,” which is enough to see Xiaomi’s ultra-thinness for this 65-inch model. Surface TV satisfaction! Following the professional ethics, Xiao Bian went to the conference site for the first time, and brought us the latest and fastest experience of the millet TV 3S 65-inch curved surface.


Xiaobian at the scene to see the first intuitive feeling of millet TV 3S 65 surface version is "thin", really slim, Xiaobian holding iPhone6s compared with Apple or slightly thicker, it is understood that the TV is the thinnest The place is only 5.9mm, but the lower half is still typical of millet design. In addition, millet TV 3S 65-inch curved version still uses a split-type structure of TV + host, split + surface look quite high.

The curvature of the surface is clear. And the thickness is about three cents.

Millet TV 3S 65-inch curved version of the border using a two-color anodized aluminum alloy frame, fine workmanship, no burr feel. The back is composed of two parts: metal and industrial resin. The back interface is noodle and power connector. The plug part is also the details of the press conference, and there are also minor improvements over the previous generation. Base change is not pure aluminum base.

The TV host interface provides three HDMI2.0 interfaces, one USB2.0 interface, one USB3.0 interface, MIPORT interface, one VGA interface, network cable interface, AV in interface, audio interface and TV RF interface.


The millet TV 3S 65-inch curved version is the same as the previous-generation Xiaomi TV 3, and the smart hardware is still placed in the soundbar. There has been little change in hardware configuration. In the scene, Wang Chuan did not show that Xiaomi always “does not run a single point”, but Xiao Bian guessed that since the hardware did not change, the Bunny's running points would not be lower than the 44,000 points of Xiaomi TV 3.

Millet TV 3S 65-inch surface version uses MStar 6A928 quad-core processor, Mali-760 MP4 TV graphics 4+4 core GPU, 2GB DDR3 triple-channel large-capacity RAM and 8GB eMMC high-speed ROM, supports 4K/H.265 10bit hard decoding, Dolby+DTS audio dual decoding, 802.11ac 2x2 antenna dual-received, ultra-low-power Bluetooth 4.1. USB3.0/HDMI2.0 fast transmission.


As the TV's most expensive component, the screen often determines the consumer's buying decision. This millet gave up the screen of the old club LG for a better screen effect and shifted to Samsung's embrace. Millet TV 3S 65-inch curved version of the original Samsung ultra-thin curved screen, 4000R gold curvature.

In terms of the picture effects displayed by the millet TV 3S 65-inch curved surface, the overall feeling is still quite good, and it is very good in terms of details, brightness, and contrast. However, the color gamut is only 78% of NTSC. Although slightly higher than similar products, it is slightly less than 85% of NTSC's NTSC TV3. The added MEMC dynamic compensation has greatly improved the effect of smearing, but the scene is still slightly off the frame of view, the specific situation will have to wait for the depth evaluation of the sofa butler to do further tests for you.


The audio part of the standard millet TV host has 4 bass speakers, bass dive 60Hz, 2 tweeters, treble extension 22KHz, sound cavity volume than the 2nd generation Soundbar increased 67%, up to 2L volume chamber, maximum loudness up to Above 102dB(C). Dolby and dts audio dual decoding.

Wang Chuan praised Haikou on the spot, claiming to be worthy of a million yuan for professional audio. According to Xiaobian’s test on the Xiaomi TV host, although the experience was noisy, it was still possible to judge the sound quality.


The content of Xiaomi TV has always been one of the highlights. The millet TV 3S 65吋 is building a content section, a variety of Hollywood movies, TV dramas, popular variety shows, sports events, and star concerts. Should be complete. Throughout 2015, the volume of Xiaomi TV's content has tripled compared to 2014. With the establishment of Xiaomi Films, the ability of Xiaomi TV to converge will be further strengthened.

In this conference, Xiaomi TV also jointly launched Xiaomi TV member (iqiyi VIP member) with iQiyi. Users only need to pay 199 yuan for the first time to purchase, you can enjoy an unlimited viewing of the charge content on Xiaomi TV within one year, and get one year VIP membership of Iqiyi Arts PC and mobile. This measure also fulfilled the original commitment of Xiaomi TV to adopt a pass. It only requires Xiaomi's TV members to watch unlimited content on Xiaomi's TV.

to sum up:

Millet TV 3S 65-inch curved version as millet's first curved surface TV, millet still showed 100% sincerity. In terms of workmanship and materials, Xiaomi is still very careful. Curved TVs have a broader vision, and the sense of envelopment and presence is even more striking. The color of the screen is also enough to please the eye. Content almost swept the current hottest movie and television drama. However, the price of 8,999 yuan fell below the low price of the market this time, the price of butchers once again force, presumably curved surface market will usher in a bloody hurricane. What if you want to know how millet TV 3S 65? Please pay attention to the in-depth evaluation that the sofa housekeeper will provide later.

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