39 yuan! The new USB Type-C interface is fast and shocking.

It has long been predicted that 2016 will be the year when USB Type-C really broke out. As far as the current situation is concerned, domestic mobile phone manufacturers are still very concerned about USB Type-C, and the flagship products are beginning to be equipped with USB Type-C interfaces. The highlights of the new interface are a slimmer design, faster transfer speeds (up to 10Gbps) and more powerful power transfer (up to 100W). The biggest feature of Type-C double-sided pluggable interface is that it supports double-sided insertion of USB interface, which officially solves the worldwide problem of “USB can never be inserted in time”, and plugs in both sides. At the same time, the USB data cable used with it must also be thinner and lighter.

39 yuan! The new USB Type-C fast charge data line is breaking

Recently, Xiaomi Mall has put on a brand new USB Type-C fast charge data cable, priced at 34.9 yuan (60cm) and 39 yuan (120cm).

39 yuan! The new USB Type-C fast charge data line is breaking

The data line is replaced with a nylon braided wire and an aluminum-magnesium alloy plug, which is more textured and durable, while maintaining the same price as the previous rubber skin. The core is a thick electric wire core (24AWG), oxygen-free copper tin plating, new aluminum foil plus woven mesh double shielding layer, the speed can reach 480Mbps, support fast charge (5V/2.1A); plug aluminum-magnesium alloy material, anodizing Sandblasting; comes with a Velcro strap for easy storage.

39 yuan! The new USB Type-C fast charge data line is breaking

In theory, the maximum transfer rate of the USB-C port is 10Gb per second. But Apple said the new MacBook's USB-C port has a maximum transfer rate of 5Gbps. The maximum output voltage is 20 volts to speed up charging time. The USB-A type has a limit transmission rate of 5 Gbps and an output voltage of 5 volts.

Unlike older USB ports, power can only be transmitted in one direction. The power transfer of a USB-C port is bidirectional, which means it can have two transmit power modes. Therefore, the user can not only use the notebook to charge the mobile device, but also use other devices or mobile power to charge the notebook.

39 yuan! The new USB Type-C fast charge data line is breaking

39 yuan! The new USB Type-C fast charge data line is breaking

39 yuan! The new USB Type-C fast charge data line is breaking

The data line is designed in three lengths of 120/60/20cm, with gold, silver and gray colors. It is suitable for mainstream Type-C interface devices such as Xiaomi 4C, Xiaomi 5, Xiaomi Tablet 2 and MacBook. Because the USB-C interface is a new type of interface, there are still some problems in device compatibility in the future. Before the interface is popularized, users need to use various conversion devices for interface conversion before they can be used smoothly. For example, the USB-C to USB Adapter, the USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter, the USB-C VGA Multiport Adapter, and the power supply also require a USB-C power adapter.

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