Accumulation Technology: Join hands with Zhaoguang Technology to focus on the small pitch market

As the current LED industry gradually matures, the industry's reshuffle integration is intensifying. For LED companies, it is urgent to find a new blue ocean market.

Recently, the driver chip giant factory has officially formed a strategic partnership with Zhaoguang Technology. It is reported that the combination of the two will mainly cooperate with high-end projects such as small-pitch LED display to jointly develop leading product lines. .

"By combining the two as strategic partners, we will help us accelerate the development of new products. At the same time, relying on the strengths of both technologies will definitely bring a new revolution in the visual experience of LED display terminal users." According to the partners.

As a long-established company in the field of LED driver ICs, Accumulation Technology has been working in the IC field for nearly 20 years and has a clearer strategy for the future.

"On the one hand, we will carry out a more comprehensive upgrade of the basic IC to enhance more value for customers; on the other hand, we will focus on cultivating the small-pitch display IC market. For LED driver IC companies, the future The new Blue Ocean is in the field of small pitch ICs," said Yang Lichang, chairman of Accumulation Technology.

As early as the middle of last year, Accumulation Technology launched the Hawkeye platform, which has achieved good response in the market. The Hawkeye platform is a solution for the system-level design of small-pitch display.

"It can help the small pitch to play the "1+1>2" multiply effect. At present, the Hawkeye platform series products have been mass-produced; D-PWM technology can effectively improve the LED utilization rate to 95%, in refresh and grayscale The performance is better, and there is no need to increase the peak current to achieve the brightness of the outdoor screen demand.” Li Yaping, general manager of Juxin Optoelectronics, revealed.

According to Yang Lichang, the gross profit of the current basic IC has become lower and lower, and its proportion of total revenue has also dropped to 20%. However, the proportion of small-pitch display IC revenue has quietly increased to 40%.

"In the future, the penetration rate of small-pitch LED displays will gradually increase, and will double the growth." Yang Lichang said.

From the current sales of small-pitch LEDs from various display manufacturers, it is true that several major LED display manufacturers in China have indicated that the number of small-pitch orders has increased. In the case of Eliad, the small-spacing LEDs in the first three quarters of 2015 The display revenue is close to 400 million yuan.

It is worth mentioning that in order to better serve customers in mainland China, Accumulation Technology established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Juxin Optoelectronics, in Shenzhen in 2006, and has agents in many places across the country.

“At present, the products of Accumulation Technology have been successfully used by customers in large-scale events such as the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai World Expo. Looking into the future, we will develop towards high integration in the future, no longer limited to chips, but will be connected in series with LED displays. A variety of important components to better serve customers to help customers enhance their competitive advantage and achieve rapid mass production listing. Yang Lichang mentioned.

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