Acer also announced to do VR!

Following HTC Joint Valve, Oculus and Samsung. This morning, the world's largest computer maker, Acer, also announced that it had announced a partnership with game company Starbreeze to launch VR Headline StarVR.

What is Starbreeze?

Before we say that Acer is doing VR, it's better to let us know Starbreeze. Starbreeze is a well-known Swedish game production team. It has launched many well-known games (such as Pay Day series) and is a close partner of EA, 505 Games and other companies. . Starbreeze itself does not have a fixed direction for the creation of the game. There is a small investment in the masterpieces of its hand, and there is a 5A masterpiece.

In fact, Starbreeze has already laid out VR in advance for a long time. At the beginning of the year, it had an offline VR experience. StarVR is also the VR device Starbreeze showed to the public last year. StarVR's hardware performance can achieve an astonishing 210° field of view and 4K resolution screen. This heads up mainly for the offline experience store market, providing a high-performance VR experience. In other words, this is not the average consumer who buys a home to play with, and the price is good.
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When the game thigh meets the PC thigh

One year later, at the onset of the new E3 game show, Starbreeze announced that it will cooperate with PC production equipment supplier Acer to design, develop and sell. Starbreeze makes the following statement on its official website:

Since Starbreeze announced in June 2015 that it wanted to “do something” in VR, it immediately launched StarVR, a dazzling head-display product. Through cooperation with Acer, Starbreeze will be firmly positioned as a leader in high-end VR solutions. Acer is an excellent, experienced and prominent hardware partner that will accelerate our process of implementing and producing high-definition, Hi-Fi VR devices. Starbreeze CEO Bo Anderson Cliff said. "We already have a clear roadmap. Now we have ushered in the first important partner to achieve the goals we set. In the future, StarVR will be set up and very exciting."

“Acer is pleased to work with Starbreeze to bring StarVR head-display devices to market,” said Chen Yitong, president and CEO of Acer Corporation. “We are committed to researching and developing multiple aspects of VR across the ecosystem. This time in cooperation with Starbreeze, we expect that we can go further and more clearly in the direction of virtual reality."

Baotuan is the most loved thing in VR field

Since StarVR will be offered for the theme park type B-end market, it is not difficult to have "surprising" vision and resolution pricing over $1000. For Starbreeze, embracing PC makers in advance will contribute to the stability and quality of VR equipment production, and solutions that are integrated with the host will also be more suitable for promotion.

Naturally, Acer's involvement in this project is intended to further penetrate into the VR Ready market through its mature PC assembly line. Currently, the PC industry is very sluggish. If it can take the initiative to get early in VR, broaden the production line and even use VR hardware as another important product is not Difficult. This reminds me of the joint R&D project of Oculus X Samsung and Htc X Valve, and the products they have collaborated with have been well evaluated and experienced. The joint promotion of hardware vendors with content vendors has become a trend. We expect Acer and Starbreeze to have more chemical reactions.

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