Austrian Microelectronics' new 8A flash drive significantly improves the quality of smartphone camera

21ic Austriamicrosystems today announced the availability of an LED flash driver that delivers superior flash light output to smartphones, delivering at least four times the brightness of light output compared to the flashlight systems commonly used in today's smartphones.

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The new AS3630 flash driver can drive up to 8A of current, enabling cell phone cameras to capture high-resolution photos. When shooting fast-moving objects in dark light, the photos are smeared, but now you can accurately capture the details while avoiding glare and discomfort, because even a flash duration as low as 10ms provides enough Flash light.

Austrian Microelectronics' new 8A flash drive significantly improves the quality of smartphone camera

Compared to LED flash drivers that offer up to 2A of output power in today's phones, the AS3630 has up to 4x brightness output and supports faster shutter speeds.

Austrian Microelectronics' new 8A flash drive significantly improves the quality of smartphone camera

The AS3630 8A LED flash driver uses an innovative architecture that leverages the energy stored in supercapacitors (electric double layer capacitors - EDLC), which is currently being patented. When driving two LEDs in series, the driver will raise the output voltage from 5.5V of the supercapacitor to above 9V to meet the forward voltage requirements of the LED. The boost topology used in the device also allows flash illumination to last longer when the independent capacitor output voltage is lower than the forward voltage of the LED. This architecture allows the use of very small capacitors.

The AS3630 flash driver can simultaneously use the power and battery stored in the supercapacitor and support additional functions such as pre-flash, video capture illumination while the supercapacitor is fully discharged.

Two series-driven flash LEDs provide consistent light output. In high-power flash applications, parallel LED architectures often result in large variations in output light due to differences in LED lamp production. Austrian Microelectronics uses a tandem LED architecture that perfectly matches the light output from the two flash LEDs, independent of the LED forward voltage difference.

In order to optimize system performance, austriamicrosystems has partnered with passive component manufacturer Murata, and many of the performance advantages of the AS3630 will be realized by matching Murata's thin and high-capacity electric double layer capacitors.

Oliver Weber, Marketing Manager, Optical Sensors and Lighting, Austrian Microelectronics, said: "When the AS3630 is paired with Murata's DMF series of high-performance electric double-layer capacitors, it can significantly improve the quality of photos taken by smartphone cameras while maintaining consumers. A highly appealing slim look."


The AS3630 8A LED flash driver is now in volume production.

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