Avago Introduces Surface Mount High Brightness Round and Elliptical LED Lights (Photo)

Avago Technologies announced on the 17th that it has introduced the industry's first high-brightness round and elliptical LEDs for outdoor and indoor electronic signage applications using surface mount packaging technology. Available in yellow, red, green and blue, Avago's ALMD-xx3D round and ALMD-Lx36 round LED lights are designed for full color and monochrome traffic signs, highway variable information boards, gas stations Price labeling and advertising are designed with applications such as full color video walls. Avago is a leading provider of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications.
With the popularity of LED lights in the market, more and more electronic sign design engineers are beginning to adopt LED products with higher cost performance, better performance, higher brightness and reliable long-term performance. These design engineers choose the surface. The reason for mounting LEDs is that they are easy to assemble, compact, and flexible in manufacturing, helping to reduce overall system design and development costs.
Avago's ALMD-xx3D circular and ALMD-Lx36 elliptical LEDs have nearly the same lumen strength as traditional high-brightness in-line LED lamps and can be assembled using common surface mount procedures. In addition, these LED lamps are also compatible with reflow soldering procedures and are manufactured using advanced optical grade epoxy resins for superior performance in outdoor signage applications. To simplify the pick and place process, these LED lamps are supplied in EIA-compliant tape and reel packages, each with a single luminous intensity and color product from the same production lot for better consistency.

Features ‧; compact size, with good lighting mode ‧; viewing angle:
‧; ALMD-xx3D series: 30o
‧; ALMD-Lx36 series: 40ox100o
‧; Lens: transparent non-diffusion ‧; using high-brightness materials ‧; compatible with reflow soldering procedures ‧; humidity sensitivity rating: MSL 2A
Product availability
Avago's ALMD-xx3D series and ALMD-Lx36 series of LED lights are now available in volume and are available in volume through Avago's direct sales channels and global distribution network.

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