Business Road: LED WeChat Marketing

Business Road: LED WeChat Marketing

According to recent official information from WeChat official, the total number of WeChat accounts has exceeded 5.8 million, and the average daily growth has increased from 8,000 last year to 15,000. WeChat is too hot, companies are wondering how to use WeChat to the company's actual operation and brand marketing. Even lighting companies that have been relatively slow to respond to the company's overall media activities are now almost every family has opened a corporate WeChat account.

Then, in actual use, what can WeChat use? At the moment of “WeChat Hot”, aside from the so-called successful cases that have blew away from its mystery, hanging off various WeChat marketing training sales calls, it is necessary to calmly think about what WeChat can do.

Sales customer service

This is a lot of companies can think of, in the past using the phone, business QQ, today can use WeChat to do customer service tools. WeChat started as a mobile instant messaging tool known for its voice communications. Users are accustomed to using WeChat as a communication tool. It is normal to use them as pre-sales, sales, after-sales, and daily customer service tools. Because users are accustomed to being there, meeting the user's habits is the most convenient and most convenient way. Unlike other non-climate applications, it also requires a lot of effort to cultivate user habits, and the opportunity cost and promotion cost are too high.

Brand interaction

What is the most important in the era of mobile internet? user! Although users have the habit of being on WeChat, they may not always have the habit of interacting with the public number. Therefore, setting up a lucky big turntable, a prize game, and an article link to the interactive community of the website on the public number can allow users to deepen the goodwill of the brand in a pleasant experience, and develop the habit of turning around from time to time. For example, the recent “Where is the Summer Vacation?” campaign organized by WeChat and Aurora through WeChat has achieved very good interactive results. This kind of positive interaction makes the brand image more obvious.

Content marketing

Based on the social attributes of the WeChat strong relationship, good content will be very effectively promoted. Valuable content will inspire users to share in the circle of friends and Tencent Weibo, increase exposure, attract users to take an active interest in, expand the user base, and new users will continue to share after entering, forming a snowball-type user growth.

Enterprise Show

The exhibit entrance of the company should be built in the nearest place to the user. For WeChat with more than 600 million domestic users, it is undoubtedly the best choice for lighting companies to display their own image. Based on the increasingly powerful interface development capabilities of the WeChat public platform, and through certain technical means, the overall image of the company can be fully and three-dimensionally displayed on the WeChat platform through the micro- official website or the H5 page. For example, Mulinsen and Songwei Lighting are good examples in this respect.

Membership management

Many lighting companies have their own membership system, namely CRM, which generally includes information push, promotion management, and membership management. Now we can use WeChat to copy this system organically to WeChat. When we do a good job of customer service, interaction and display, we can open up the existing membership management system and realize the Internetization and socialization of the membership system. This is very worthwhile for some lighting companies whose CRM system is not perfect, information technology, and the weak foundation of the Internet.

O2O weapon

O2O is the concept of over consumption in two or three years. In simple terms, the O2O of an entity is to attract users from online to offline consumption, and to attract offline users to online interaction. Regardless of the WeChat subscription number or service number, this scenario can be easily implemented: After a user sends a geographic location, he can obtain the nearest store information and even navigate to the store. Mulinsen and Songwei Lighting WeChat integrated "dealer and store inquiry" is an example.

online sale

We began to enter an era of social dividends, and WeChat as a mainstream social platform, the business opportunities behind the popularity is worth lighting brands and businesses to figure out. The WeChat official’s attitude toward the commercialization of the public number is still quite clear. The micro store and WeChat payment functions launched for the WeChat service number some time ago meant that a closed-loop business based on the WeChat internal environment has begun to take shape.

data collection

There is a data analysis section on the backstage of the WeChat public platform. You can see the reading rate and sharing rate of articles, and the user growth curve. Through this module, you can understand the user's favorite content types, user's access concentration time period, and so on. At the same time, you can use online research, online Q&A and other forms to understand your users in depth, understand what kind of products or promotional activities users like, the general composition and even the income level of users. Enterprises can use user feedback to better understand market changes, and even analyze and refine user-generated data to adjust product ideas and optimize the company's operational processes.

â–  Postscript

From selling customer service tools to data collection tools, this is step by step, step by step, that is, functions need to be implemented step by step rather than sales. On social platforms, no users will like unrestrained marketing and unlimited advertising. The public number to sell things.

In short, when companies do WeChat, they should first think about what services they can use to implement or can be migrated to WeChat. What service-oriented services can be loaded on WeChat, rather than thinking about what services they have. Marketing, thinking about how we can use WeChat to push information to users. In the era of mobile internet, these are just the basics. If you do not rely on mobile Internet tools to accelerate the realization of Internetization and socialization, there is no doubt that what you will lose is a 24-hour online emerging market. What will be lost will be the attention of nearly a billion users. What is lost is the continued transformation of enterprise upgrades. Opportunity to stay ahead.

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