Can the international new energy vehicle soldiers under the city's own brand be able to bend overtaking?

The number of international new energy vehicles has suddenly increased, allowing autonomous car companies to achieve a lot of uncertainties in cornering overtaking.

According to the news, the 146 new energy vehicles that were unveiled at the 14th Guangzhou Auto Show, 49 cars for domestic car companies and 97 cars for foreign companies, are obviously "the enemy." The pattern dominated by independent new energy vehicles in China is changing.

Soldiers under the city

Foreign automakers with the highest sales of new energy vehicles in the world have entered the Guangzhou Auto Show. At this year's auto show, Nissan released the "zero-emission" SUV electric TeRRA concept car. Nissan, which is leading the pure electric technology, is accelerating the layout of new energy vehicles in China. Dongfeng Nissan officially launched the "i3 plan", from Zhixing Technology and Zhizhi The three dimensions of quality and intellectual experience are laid out in the future. Among them, in intelligent technology, advanced automatic driving, new energy technology and intelligent interconnection technology are introduced in stages. BMW, the top five global new energy vehicle, launched the new MINICOUNTRYMAN plug-in hybrid in Asia at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The Volkswagen ID electric concept car with a cruising range of 400~600 km also ushered in the first show in Asia at the Guangzhou Auto Show. Volkswagen has announced that it will launch a new generation of electric vehicle product series containing about 10 models in the Chinese market from 2020 to 2025. Renault and Mitsubishi, which have strong technologies in the field of new energy vehicles, are waiting to be ready for China. Recently, Lou Lan, senior vice president of Renault Group's China business district, is preparing to introduce Renault's new energy technologies and products into China.

Policies such as the average fuel consumption of domestic passenger vehicles and the parallel management measures for new energy vehicles will guide production enterprises to continuously increase the proportion of production and sales of new energy vehicles and promote the establishment of a long-term mechanism for the development of new energy vehicles. If you do not grasp the opportunity to deploy a new energy vehicle market, you may be in a passive situation or even lose opportunities in China, the world's largest auto market. Toyota, which has a special liking for hybrids, has also begun to adjust its strategy to power electric vehicles. International car companies are gathering to launch an offensive against China's new energy market. It is inevitable that domestic and foreign new energy vehicles will fight in China.

Under the new international energy vehicles, how do the independent car companies pick up the move? Sitting in the global new energy vehicle sales champion, BYD, at the auto show, brought Tang, Song DM version, Song EV300, Yuan DM version, Qin, Qin EV300, e5, e6 and other models unveiled. The lineup of many new energy vehicles is waiting. At the Guangzhou Auto Show, BAIC New Energy launched the ARCFOX-1, the first production model of the new ARCFOX. Zheng Gang, general manager of Beiqi New Energy, said that the company has formed a business strategy of two major technology platforms plus two major product brands. Beiqi New Energy Vehicle EV Series, EX Series, EU Series and the independent brand shared technology platform of BAIC Group continue to use BAIC's new energy brand BJEV. In addition, the new brand ARCFOX is developed on a new forward development technology platform, which is a technology platform based on super lightweight and super electric drive system.

Changan Automobile, the leader of its own brand, has begun to accelerate the pace of new energy vehicles in addition to its continued efforts in the field of fuel vehicles. At the Guangzhou Auto Show, Changan Automobile launched the Changan CS95 model to consolidate its position in the fuel vehicle field and achieve brand up. On the other hand, it released three new energy vehicles, the world's first mass-production model with 48V hybrid technology. The dynamic blue version, the pure electric car new Benben EV and the pure electric car Xinyi EV have become the most aggressive autonomous car companies in the new energy field at the Guangzhou Auto Show.

Zhu Huarong, president of Changan Automobile, said that since 2001, Changan Automobile has started to launch new energy research and development projects, and has invested more than 1 billion yuan. Each year, 5% of the marketing amount is invested in research and development, including technical investment in new energy and smart driving. Changan Automobile's planning for new energy is very clear. It will introduce 24 new new energy products to the market in the next ten years, including 13 pure electric products and 11 plug-in hybrid products. By 2020, the cumulative sales volume of Changan New Energy Vehicles will reach 600,000 units. By 2025, the cumulative sales volume will exceed 4 million units, occupying six major categories of households, rental leasing, and urban logistics, including cars, SUVs, MPVs, trucks, and so on. Five types of vans, new energy vehicles will account for 40% of Changan's total sales, and strive to rank the top three in the industry.

Who will win?

Once the international new energy vehicle and the independent new energy vehicle confront each other in China, who will win?

At present, autonomous car companies have an absolute advantage in the domestic new energy car market. In the first half of this year, China's new energy vehicle sales list, the top ten models of sales are covered by the independent car companies. It seems that the autonomous car company is overturned in the corner. However, looking at the global market, the odds of winning autonomous car companies are not that high. According to the global sales of new energy passenger cars in the first half of 2016, BYD ranked first with 432,000 vehicles; Tesla ranked second, with sales of new energy passenger vehicles reaching 29,400 in the first half of 2016; In the third place on the list, the sales volume was 28,900; followed by BMW, ranking second with 21,100 units; Mitsubishi Motors ranked fifth with sales of 17,700 units. Among the top ten, autonomous car companies only occupy two seats. In addition to BYD, BAIC ranks eighth. In the first half of this year, the top five global new energy sales models, Nissan Leaf ranked first with 27,200 units, and the second to fifth places were Tesla Model S, BYD Don, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and Renault ZOE. From the sales situation of new energy passenger vehicles in the first half of 2016, China's new energy passenger vehicles sold the highest, reaching 122,700, and the United States ranked second with 64,000, followed by Norway, France, Japan and Germany. It can be seen that although autonomous car companies have a place in the global new energy vehicle stage, they are largely dependent on China's new energy policy and the growth of the domestic market. There is still a gap between the overall and international car companies.

At present, there are two types of new energy vehicles in the world. One is like Tesla and BMW. The new brand is developing pure electric vehicles. In addition, the vast majority are based on the modification and transformation of the power system on the basis of the traditional fuel vehicle. Wang Xia, president of the Automotive Industry Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said at the 2016 Guangzhou International Electric Vehicle Industry Summit: "In the traditional fuel vehicle, we recognize that there is a gap with the world, and in the case of electric vehicles, we often emphasize us. The advantage of the latecomer and the overtaking of the curve, but we do not have the first-mover advantage in many core technologies, there is also a gap. Electric cars have their own core technology and problems need us to overcome, especially the battery, motor, electronic control. If not A breakthrough will inevitably lead us back to the old market for technology. We need to integrate the superior resources of the world's technology, from relying on policy subsidies to relying on technological breakthroughs, cost advantages and model innovation."

Lu Qun, the chairman of the future car that just got the domestic new energy vehicle production license, also said that in today's background of new energy and the Internet, the curve does appear, but if you can't keep up on the straight, it won't There is the ability and possibility of overtaking in a corner. "First of all, we have to solve the problem of not being able to keep up with the straight track, the basic performance of the car, the basic driving safety, the basic driving pleasure, the basic quality and reliability can be done well enough, first on the straight road with the multinational car companies It’s just as good to talk about overtaking in a corner.” Lu Qun thinks so.

Before the attack of international auto companies, some auto companies have been working hard. Zhang Guozhen, an expert in the equipment department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, recently pointed out that the technical level of domestic new energy vehicles has improved significantly. The energy density of lithium-ion batteries has increased 1.5 times compared with 2012, and the system price has dropped by more than 50%.

BYD President Wang Chuanfu said in an interview this year that he is not afraid to engage with international auto giants in the field of new energy vehicles. Due to the early layout, BYD's battery, motor and electronic control are no less than international auto giants and even some technologies are leading, and now Some market scale effects will help BYD technology development speed and reduce costs.

When it comes to international auto companies to compete in some new energy technologies, their own brands are not inferior. Tan Benhong, deputy dean of Changan Automobile Research Institute, said that Changan’s 48V hybrid technology launched by European component companies is a very popular technology in Europe. Volkswagen and Audi are doing such technology, and their related cars in Europe. The product is also about to be mass-produced. According to the information Changan has, Changan should be said to be in the front, especially in the Chinese market.

However, the current stage of China's new energy vehicle market is a policy-driven market. It is also like the “baby” stage. Many independent auto companies rely heavily on policy subsidies to “breastfeed”, even though they win at the starting line in the domestic market, but The contest will be “weaned” after the autonomous car company. Since 2020, new energy subsidies may face cancellation, and whether auto companies can finally achieve cornering overtaking will be answered by the market.

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