Can you buy good TV with money?

Can you buy good TV with money?

Introduction: After many years of iterations, TV product innovation has once again encountered a bottleneck. In addition to cost reductions, product sales have hardly had other breakthroughs. There are a variety of hype concepts in the industry but they do not really experience innovation. They can only rely on event marketing once and for all to find presence.

Still remembering the OLED's emerging edge, remembering the remote control's own luminous, remembering the era of plasma and LCD confrontation, remembering a TV for 15 years and repairing, nostalgia for having no special parameters, but it always looks very comfortable TV , but now it is difficult to have such a surprise. A big god of PConline home appliance forum once said that every kind of thing in reality has its own specific luster or texture. The advantage of plasma TVs compared to LCD TVs is that they can express such true luster and texture. However, facing the liquid crystal plasma was still planted. why? Because the plasma is expensive, there are a few small problems; the liquid crystal is cheaper than you, thinner than you!

All the refinements are costly, and each coil will wind several more, and the cost may increase by five. Companies that don't use profits for profit are all tricks. Fools don't do anything with fools, so now you can hardly see a remote control with a luminous effect and no top black crystal panel.

The market is doomed to this, in order to pursue efficiency, the pursuit of streamlined production, the pursuit of maximum benefits, we must give up some paranoid. So you think you think you are arrogant, but he thinks you don't necessarily have the money to afford his TV. However, they were wrong. A large number of people were carrying money in their hands and they were waiting to feed their high-end television. You have money, but he is out of stock.

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