Control with your phone! A smart home wireless solution

What control method is used?

1. SmartPhone-Control (smartphone control technology)

SmartPhone-Control technology is the latest technology for wireless remote control via mobile phones. The technology is based on Java and GPRS technology and provides users with a complete solution for wireless remote control based on mobile applications.

GPRS stands for General Wireless Packet Service, which is a high-speed data processing technology that transmits data to users in the form of packets. Based on GPRS technology, users can realize remote control of the Internet, browsing the Internet, sending and receiving emails, and related web applications.

Java technology is an open, standard and universal network computing platform. Due to its strong compatibility, it has become a mature technology platform widely used in the field of Internet technology. It can realize UI interface display and many value-added functions through Java technology mobile phones. , can use a large number of applications directly from the server, these applications can include entertainment (such as games, screen savers and pets), stocks, guide maps and so on.

2. Mobile-Control (Mobile Control Technology)

Mobile-Control technology is the latest technology for wireless LAN/remote control via PDA. The technology adopts the 802.11b standard, and the user directly accesses the local area network or the Internet through the AP (wireless access point), thereby easily searching various databases on the PDA, sharing the webcam, realizing e-commerce, and various types of Mail. And other functions such as web service applications. Because the host computer supports the TCP/IP protocol cluster and has powerful network functions, it can be easily connected to the LAN or the Internet. The control method adopts Mobile-Control control and 802.11 wireless technology, so that the whole system has a good wireless control distance. And the convenient installation process, at the same time, the AP with different access power can reach the control range of several kilometers, and can traverse multiple buildings, minimizing the erection of the wired network. In the entire system, the wireless access point or base station is the bridge of the entire wireless LAN, which connects the wireless LAN client to the network.

This technology enables interoperability and roaming, making it easy to extend the reach of wireless control. Throughout the solution, the MPDA-100 handheld is based on Windows Mobile, 802.11b and SmartPhone control technology, extending our familiar Windows desktop system to personal handheld devices and bringing your system and control together. MPDA is not only a PDA, but also a very good wireless remote control terminal, providing you with powerful functions such as business office, personal entertainment, system control. At the same time, the series integrates features such as Office and Media Player, making it easy to expand a variety of applications. RF wireless remote control technology is a technology for wireless remote control through wireless touch screen touch. The advantage of RF (Radio Frequency) RF technology is not limited to the line of sight, not only can set different frequency bands, but also can penetrate objects or buildings. It supports multiple modes of operation without the need for contact or aiming, and is free to work in a variety of harsh environments for highly data integration.

Because the technology is difficult to be counterfeited and invaded, RF has a high degree of security protection. The handheld wireless touch screen with RF wireless control technology allows remote control of the entire system within an effective control range. After the touch screen control command is transmitted through its built-in RF radio transmission module, it is received by the wireless receiver and transmitted to the main control unit through the SmartNet network for analysis, and then the corresponding interface or device is instructed to perform corresponding actions to achieve the purpose of remote control.

In addition, the control signal of the master can also be transmitted back to the touch screen and displayed on the screen in a predetermined form. Not only that, SmartNet network can access third-party systems, and RF RF modules can set different frequency bands, so in the same environment, multiple sets of touch systems can exist at the same time, and do not interfere with each other. In this way, we can apply to more complex application environments and meet more flexible control methods.

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