Cree expands production of 275 new jobs in the US

Cree recently issued a press release stating that in response to the active expansion of the Durham plant in North Carolina, USA, approximately 275 jobs will be released to account for new capacity manufacturing and other related matters, which is expected to be available until the end of 2012. Created 300 job opportunities, symbolizing that the LED lighting market is gradually expanding.

Cree pointed out that Mecklenburg in North Carolina has teamed up with Flextronics to assemble LED lighting-related products, initially through the ENERGY STAR-certified LR6 and the award-winning LR24. On the other hand, Cree CEO Chuck Swoboda said that in the future, the LED lighting market will have a huge growth, energy-saving green lighting is expected to become the economic foundation of North Carolina, and Cree is proud to be the United States. Bring enough green jobs.

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