Development status and future trends of LED ceiling lamps

LED lighting is regarded as the pillar industry of energy saving and environmental protection industry. With the improvement of LED technology and the rapid decline of cost, it is known as the market that LED will be finally conquered. Home lighting is now slowly infiltrating. In the past two years, LED lighting companies, which mainly focus on bulbs and tube lamps, have almost all entered LED ceiling lamps. It is understood that the price of LED ceiling lamps has been highlighted, and consumers have higher acceptance and good feedback.

Development Status LED Ceiling <br> <br> everywhere with LED lighting products, LED ceiling began on popular channels from last year, especially high-power light source patches for the manufacturer, the new market came. It is now difficult to find a home lighting brand that does not make LED ceiling lamps.

However, with the popularity of LED ceiling lamps, the participation of LED ceiling fans in the field, coupled with the maturity of high-power patch light source technology, fierce market competition led to a decline in prices and profits. At present, the 12W LED ceiling lamp with a wholesale price of more than 30 yuan has been circulated in the market, and the profit is not necessarily higher than that of the traditional light source, but the home lighting enterprise has to do it under the market and dealer demand. With the stability of LED quality and the stability of prices, it is more and more accepted by consumers. Many customers have told them that the first sentence of many consumers who buy lamps is “Do you have LED products here? "If you get a positive answer, you will come to see it; otherwise, you will turn around and go."

It can be seen that LED ceiling lamps are indeed very popular. However, in terms of sales volume, the traditional light source ceiling lamp is the mainstream, and it is more like the king. LED ceiling lamps have to catch up and even surpass the traditional ceiling lamps for several years.

According to industry survey data, the home lighting market will be fully launched in 2014-2015. The penetration rate of LED lamps in the home market will reach 13.57%. LED home lighting market will explode, initially estimated that by 2015, LED lighting will be used in home lighting more than 800 million.

The soaring sales of LED ceiling lamps and the potentially huge market suggest that the LED home lighting market is about to usher in its own spring.

However, home lighting is a market that is cost-effective, personalized, and highly demanding. Currently, LED ceiling lamps are mature, and now there are problems and difficulties in the market. How can companies use this? Expand the size of the item?

With the gradual maturity of LED ceiling lamp technology and the popularity of sales, Philips, NVC, Osram, National Star Optoelectronics, Op Lighting and other well-known companies have placed LED ceiling lamps.

Fu Zhaohui, the person in charge of Op Lighting ceiling lamps, said, “Because the ceiling lamps are mainly used in home lighting, the quality of the products is very important, especially the stroboscopic problem. Opp is also putting a lot of energy into solving the stroboscopic constraints. The product is really on the market. Nowadays, many LED lamps have a stroboscopic problem when they take a mobile phone."

As the technology of the ceiling lamp market matures, the price/performance ratio is also increasing. “Although the cost performance of LED ceiling lamps is quite high, the home lighting market is a place with relatively high individual requirements. This is reflected in the fact that the market has a large amount of products, but there are many product specifications, and the amount of individual items is not very large. Therefore, it is difficult to form a large-scale mass production." Chen Fang, director of Zhejiang Shenghui Lighting R&D, said that it is not easy for a general company to obtain a place in the ceiling lamp market.

This also tells the reason why many companies have not cut into the LED home lighting market. How can they really win the top spot in the ceiling lamp market?

It is understood that among the nearly 4 billion yuan of performance of Op Lighting in 2013, 56% came from ceiling lamps, and 30% of the ceiling lamp market is produced by LED ceiling lamps. "Compared with the rapid development of the LED industry, Optel's transformation speed is relatively slow, and the speed of this piece will continue to accelerate in the future." Fu Zhaohui said.

As more and more enterprises invest in the layout of LED ceiling lamps, LED ceiling lamps will continue to be optimized, styles will continue to innovate, and superior intelligent control performance will occupy a larger market share in the future.

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