Di graceful special upgrade tutorial explanation

Di beautiful special X6 why upgrade? Because it has systemic loopholes, it will seriously affect the experience of using the box, slowing down the box reaction, and often appearing stuck. So how to upgrade the special beauty X6? See the specific steps below.

Di beautiful special upgrade method:

1. Download the Dee special X6 firmware package, and then extract the files;

Download address, http://pan.baidu.com/s/1o63Id1w

2. After the decompression is completed, a file with the suffix “.bin” will appear, and it will be stored in the root directory of the U disk (the other file with the same name cannot exist in the root directory of the U disk).

3, the U disk into the X6 USB interface;

4, boot, click "Settings" - "system" - "system upgrade" - "automatic upgrade";

5, Di beautiful special X6 will automatically identify and read the U disk upgrade firmware, the entire process takes about 5 minutes;

6. After the upgrade is complete, it will restart automatically. Then you enter the system home screen to check the version of the system to know if the box has been successfully upgraded.

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