Don't owe money without bad money? LED capital chain makes people "emergency"

[Text / Gaogong LED text / Xiong Yuheng] At the end of the year, at the end of the lunar calendar, what does it mean for LED companies at the end of the year? Of course, it is not just simple to put annual leave. As we all know, the end of the year is the peak period of corporate collection and the dangerous period of corporate triangle debt, and it is also a difficult period for corporate capital turnover. Perhaps after the inventory, it is found that arrears, dead accounts, bad debts have occupied a large proportion of profits.

"In fact, the arrears are common in various industries, but they are particularly serious in the LED industry. Customers are in arrears with the application manufacturers' payment, the application manufacturers are in arrears with the packaged goods, and the packaging manufacturers are in arrears with the upstream chips and accessories factories. The normal industrial chain has become a risky debt chain." A LED company executive told the author.

The reason is that there is a general oversupply in the LED industry. In order to clear inventory and expand their market share, some enterprises often adopt the method of installment payment, which leads to the continuous increase of the balance of accounts receivable. In the event of bad debts and dead debts, the losses suffered by enterprises will be difficult to predict.

“Last year, our accounts receivable increased slightly, but fortunately, it is still at a manageable level.” Zhao Yutao, chairman of Hyun Shuo Optoelectronics, mentioned that in the entire LED industry chain, the proportion of equipment investment is relatively large. Therefore, the funds of many small and medium-sized customers are difficult to get in one place, and the purchase of equipment by installment has become a "clear rule" in the LED industry.

Based on this, LED equipment companies often suffer the most losses when encountering LED companies due to capital chain breaks, bank failures and running. "Whether you like it or not, lending sales are for performance and market, you don't lend money, there are still many companies waiting for lending, and insisting on cash sales, it is likely to lose a large number of customers." Deming Micro General Manager Yang Dong Said.

It is true that the Chinese people like to talk about human feelings, and “cash sales” obviously have no “human feelings”. Moreover, some municipal projects have fixed approval procedures and related procedures, which is not what the company wants. The survey found that the Tovey Lighting, which had been closed down before, had a recycling cycle of EMC engineering for 20 years, which is a great test for anyone.

Therefore, in this special industry, companies should guard against the continuous increase of accounts receivable, actively coordinate and prepare ahead, and form a benign capital cycle, not only for a good year, but also for the long-term future of the company. Development provides a steady stream of support.

Lin Jin, general manager of Xuyu Optoelectronics, stressed that LED companies must strictly control their own receivables to ensure that they have sufficient funds to continuously develop better products. The LED industry chain is chaotic. Only companies that abide by the letter of trust and optimize the structure of the industry chain can prevent this kind of account-ridden phenomenon from vicious cycle. ”

Lin Jin fills out that a good supply chain system can only be formed if the raw material suppliers pay on time. Because the money is like the blood, you give the supplier the greatest convenience, and will definitely get the greatest support from the supplier, providing you with the best things. It is understood that the industry is very recognized for the management of Xuyu Optoelectronics in terms of accounts receivable and payables.

Zheng Hanwu, chairman of Sui Jing Optoelectronics, said that to eliminate the threat of accounts receivable, it is important to choose customers. Under the current development trend of LED, the risk of accounts receivable of second- and third-line customers is often large. Suijing Optoelectronics will gradually remove a group of second- and third-line customers, preferring not to sell, nor to lower the quality standards of enterprises. It is a wise move to come here.

In view of the arrears, Gao Gong LED Zhang Xiaofei believes that to grasp the flow of funds, there are two important points: First, we must control the rhythm of expansion. Don’t worry about expanding because of the large profit margin, because those accounts may not be able to Second, we must do a good financing plan to ensure the continuous development of the capital chain, which is the foundation of business operations.

The author once had a "you-you" who was working on lighting projects. It was close to the year-end and he had to go out and ask for it. I thought that it would be a mess for two days. The result was over ten days. I heard that the customers who are living and living are in that family. There. The old saying goes well, this is the same root, and why is it too urgent, is this not a life?

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