Embedded Sealing Products Help the Development of Internet of Things

The broad meaning of the Internet of Things uses information-sensing devices such as barcodes, radio frequency identification (RFID), sensors, global positioning systems, and laser scanners to achieve human, human, material, and material Time, anywhere connection (anything, anytime, anywhere), thus carrying out information exchange and communication, to realize intelligent network system of intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management.

Digital logistics is the use of IT technology for users to combine all aspects of logistics chain information operations, build information and communication platforms to help enterprises improve logistics distribution efficiency, reduce logistics costs and enhance core competitiveness. From the economic environment, the logistics industry is the basic industry in China's economic development and an important part of modern service industry. The data shows that in the past 10 years, the scale of China's logistics industry has increased by 22.4% annually, accounting for 6.8% of GDP. Although the single item cost of China's logistics industry is not high, but due to the lack of scientific information scheduling, resulting in a long logistics time, so that the holding costs increase sharply, and thus long-term constraints of China's logistics industry development. The 12th Five-Year Development Plan for the Internet of Things announced recently shows that China will vigorously develop digital logistics in the future. It is estimated that by 2015, the scale of China's digital logistics core technology industry will reach 200 billion yuan. The reason why intelligent logistics is important is because of the future development direction of the logistics industry and the advantages of EVOC. This undoubtedly points the direction of the digital logistics of EVOC on the policy guidance and development trend.

With the transformation of the telecommunication industry and the advancement of the national government's logistics informationization, the logistics information industry market is maturing. Faced with the diversified, flexible and responsive demands of logistics enterprises, the traditional logistics industry business system is difficult to achieve effective direction for customer relationship management, vehicle scheduling, positioning, and tracking, with various information technologies. Mature and widely used, digital logistics solutions are based on application hosting and platform services of wireless networks, mobile terminals, and PC terminals, and provide logistic-related enterprises with “one-stop” integrated information services that combine voice, data, and multimedia applications.

As for the advantages of EVOC in digital logistics, the key is the exquisite industrial control technology. The advantages of EVOC's full-blown fanless products are that they can operate in extremely harsh and extreme temperature environments, have remote management functions, and have extremely high IP protection level, earthquake resistance, strong wireless communication capabilities and vehicle safety monitoring and management capabilities, which correspond to the characteristics of digital logistics core product design for sturdy, waterproof, heat-resistant, seismic and other high-demand features; planning layout of EVOC products, It covers a full range of digital logistics control products, greatly enhancing the core competitiveness of EVOC in the field of digital logistics. (The following is the system application topology diagram)

(Digital Logistics Application Topology Diagram)

Digital Logistics Application Features

 delivery, receiving goods can be easily accessed through the login website;

Information about the goods to be transported and idle vehicles is presented to end-users in the form of shelves, so that all types of business needs are most promptly assisted;

企业 For enterprises that have regular delivery requirements, allow logistics companies to set fixed schedules for delivery and reduce repetitive operations;

 Enterprises no longer need to worry about the trivial matters of finding logistics, finding sources of supply, and finding vehicles. The digital logistics system can provide "stop-here" one-stop service;

Regarding digital logistics, from a worldwide perspective, the best companies to do are Germany and Japan. EVOC also focuses on the development of digital logistics. Follow-up will focus on the application of the Internet of Things and provide equipment exclusively for this area. Digitization has become the driving force in every area of ​​the Internet of Things. The goal is to promote smarter applications.

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