Energy saving and environmental protection in the US securities market

Under the idea of ​​creating a low-carbon economy that is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, China is making a big semiconductor lighting industry cake. Liu Shiping, director of the Semiconductor Lighting Technology and Application Committee of the China Lighting Society, said that "the introduction of opinions will drive the rapid development of domestic LED matching lamps, drives and testing equipment industries." According to relevant agencies, in 2010, China's LED industry output value will exceed 1500. 100 million yuan; doubled the total output value in 2008, with a total output value of about 70 billion yuan in 2008.

The current situation of the semiconductor lighting industry is very good, Liu Shiping pointed out that "the opinions will promote the extension of China's semiconductor lighting enterprises to the upstream of the industrial chain, which is conducive to Chinese enterprises to win in the future competition." China is the world's largest producer of lighting sources and lamps. But the main production of low-end products, accounting for about 18% of the global market share. In the industrial chain, LED epitaxial wafers and LED wafers account for about 70% of the industry's profits, LED applications account for about 10%-20%; LED packaging is less than 10%.

Huatai Securities Research Institute has a lot of room for development. Sun Hua, an electronic components analyst, is more concerned about related companies. "Development Opinions" proposes to support leading enterprises. In the future, some leading companies in the industry will benefit, such as Sanan Optoelectronics, which produces LED epitaxy and chips. In addition, it has the ability or Companies involved in the production of core technology and equipment will also benefit, such as Tsinghua Tongfang."

At a time when China's semiconductor lighting industry is prosperous, the US securities market has already embraced the industry. US Nasdaq-listed Cree shares rose 5.36% on the 9th, closing at $39.09, the highest closing price since December 31, 2004. For Cree, which produces LED upstream chips, US analyst Christopher Blansett is quite optimistic, setting the target price at $45 for two reasons, namely, strong demand for LCD panel backlights and general lighting applications; Cree is the first to use 4-inch wafers. Such process technology will lead to an increase in gross profit margin.

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