Extreme surface enjoyment, Hisense LED55K7100UC TV is good?

Hisense LED55K7100UC how? Hisense LED55K7100UC is a 55-inch 4K ultra high-definition ULED smart TV. Champagne gold metal frame brings you a dreamlike feeling like autumn poetry and painting. At the same time, the TV is a curved TV with a 4000R gold curvature. Now it costs 8899 yuan. Friends who like curved TV can consider starting.

Hisense LED55K7100UC has a superior appearance, ultra-narrow champagne gold frame is not only beautiful, wrapped in the curved screen which allows you to have a wider viewing angle in the viewing, while the curvature of the screen 4000R gold curvature can make you feel better. While watching TV, you can also be more eye-protected.

Hisense LED55K7100UC as a ULED TV, with quantum dot light compensation technology, can make your picture more colorful and bright, at the same time, colorful 4K+ display system can increase the color type, make the color intensity stronger, details in place, 4K ultra-high resolution The rate allows you to see the details that were not apparent to ordinary television before, and to restore to you a true nature in front of the TV.

Hisense LED55K7100UC has also done a lot of homework in sound quality. It has an independent sound bar and Hi-Sound sound system, giving you a full range of surround sound experience, you can feel like a concert-like effective experience.

Hisense LED55K7100UC is also a smart TV. You can share your favorite pictures, videos, and friends with your mobile device through a seamless connection. You can also play games, learn and work on your TV. The smart operating system is simple and convenient. Your life.

Edit Comment: Hisense LED55K7100UC is a multi-functional intelligent curved surface television, with perfect picture quality and superior surround sound effects, give you a movie-like presence experience, curved TV wide your view of the film and television, the current TV price of 8899 yuan , High cost performance, like friends may wish to consider.

Product Type Hisense LED55K7100UC
Promotion price 8899 yuan
Promotional Business Gome Online

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