Haier smart home integration system introduction

Smart home is the inevitable result of the penetration of IT technology (especially computer technology), network technology and control technology into the traditional home appliance industry. From the perspective of social background, in recent years, the development of information technology, the liberalization and high-level communication, the rapid increase of business volume and the improvement of human safety, comfort and efficiency in the working environment have caused home The demand for intelligentization has greatly increased. In science and technology, the development of computer control technology and the growth of electronic information communication technology have also contributed to the birth of smart home.

Smart Home is a versatile technical system, including video intercom, home security , home wiring system, lighting control, home appliance control, indoor environmental monitoring and equipment control, remote video surveillance, sound monitoring, home Audio and video systems, including telemedicine, distance learning and so on. The home intelligence contains more content, and the current domestic product bus system, power line carrier , wireless and other methods, in the network connection, basically use bus system networking, telephone networking or through Ethernet.

1. The domestic smart home has basically evolved from the following directions:

(1) Traditional video intercom and home anti-theft products manufacturers also have certain experience in electronic development and production. They add control functions and other functions to their home automation to achieve home automation. These companies have certain Engineering and design institutes and other relationships and networks, and use the original intercom products market to promote products.

(2) Traditional home appliance companies and IT companies are optimistic about this field. These companies combine their advantages in the field of home appliance control and IT to develop smart home products that can better integrate with home appliances. They use their channel advantages and Market influence, accumulated years of management experience, production experience and good after-sales service, reputation to open the market.

2. Smart home mainly includes the following contents:

(1) Home wiring system: The realization of home intelligence, the first step is to carry out the infrastructure construction of the home wiring, the home wiring system unified planning of the telephone, cable TV, computer network, audio-visual system, home automation control system wiring, Layout, centralized management, providing a network platform for realizing home intelligence, automatic control can be realized through home integrated wiring, and resource sharing can be realized. Only one DVD player, audio, satellite TV receiver can be used in the home. Watching movies and enjoying music in every room in the family can connect multiple computers, share broadband services, and answer and transfer multiple channels. Moreover, the integrated wiring makes the home internal wiring system have good scalability and upgradeability to meet the needs of different users now and in the future.

(2) Home security system: People's requirements for security systems are getting higher and higher, and home security systems can effectively use technical defense measures to achieve security. The home security system includes functions such as anti-theft, gas leakage prevention, fire prevention, etc., and can be remotely monitored, so that residents can remotely know the internal situation of the home through the network or telephone, and can monitor or monitor the internal situation of the family.

(3) Home automation system: The main body of smart home is home automation. In the future, the main body of home automation is the control of electrical equipment such as home appliances and lighting. The open-line automation system can control home interior lighting or home appliances through centralized or distributed control, and residents can remotely control home internal devices through the network or by telephone. Home automation system is the main development direction of smart home in the future.

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