Home lighting purchase and layout skills

Home lighting purchase and layout skills

Lamp Yinghua Tang --- living room lighting

The living room usually uses a large and bright chandeliers or ceiling lamps as the main lights, with a variety of other auxiliary lighting, such as: wall lights, downlights, spotlights and so on. In terms of the main lighting, if the living room has a living room height of more than 3.5m, a high-grade or slightly larger chandelier or ceiling lamp can be used: If the storey height is about 3m, a mid-range luxury chandelier is suitable: Below 2.5m, it is advisable to use mid-range decorative ceiling lamps or not to use the main lights.

In addition, an independent table lamp or floor lamp is placed on one end of the sofa so that indirect light is scattered throughout the entire sit-up area for conversation or browsing. Can also be placed in the wall in place of unique wall lamps, can make the wall shine. If there are murals, display cabinets, etc., invisible spotlights can be set to embellishment. Putting a miniature low-intensity incandescent lamp next to the TV can weaken the contrast in the hall and help protect eyesight.

Mingchu Cuisine - Kitchen Lighting

The lighting fixtures used in the kitchen are generally waterproof, fume-proof and easy to clean. In general, an embedded or semi-embedded diffused ceiling lamp is installed above the console, and the mask is embedded with transparent glass or transparent plastic, so that the ceiling is simple and the troubles caused by dust and oil are reduced. The range hood is generally set above the stove top, and there is an invisible incandescent lamp inside the hood for lighting the stove. If the kitchen doubles as a restaurant, a single-cover single-fire lift or single-layer multi-branch chandelier can be installed above the table. The light source should adopt the incandescent lamp of warm color, should not use the cold fluorescent lamp.

Warming hearts - Restaurant lighting

The focus of lighting in the family restaurant is of course the dining table. Hanging chandeliers are generally used for lighting. In order to achieve an effect, chandeliers cannot be installed too high. The rectangular dining table is equipped with two chandeliers or long oval chandeliers. The chandeliers should have bright and light regulators and lifting functions so as to double as other work. The Chinese foods pay attention to color, smell, taste, shape, and often need brighter. In warm colors, when enjoying western food, you can create a romantic atmosphere if the light is a bit softer and softer. The ceiling and walls of the dining room should have sufficient light, otherwise it will affect appetite. Spotlights or wall-lamp-assisted lighting can be used.

Lighting Dream - Bedroom Lighting

The bedroom is a restful and sleeping room and requires a good privacy. The light requirements are soft and there should be no glare to allow people to sleep better. Dressing and dressing require uniform and bright light. Select the ceiling light with weak light as the basic lighting, and place it in the middle of the ceiling; install the wall lamp next to the wall and dressing mirror; bedside with headlights, in addition to the common table lamp, the base is fixed on the bed board adjustable Lamp angle modern metal light, beautiful and practical.

Bright Lights Static House --- Study Lighting

The environment of the study should be elegant and elegant, simple and neat. It is best to irradiate the light from the top of the left shoulder, or to install a table lamp in front of the desk that is bright and not dazzling. For desk lamps in special study rooms, art desk lamps, such as table lamps or desk lamps for dimming art, should be used to direct light onto the desk. Generally do not need to fully use light, for the convenience of retrieval can be set on the bookcase invisible lights. If it is a multi-purpose "study room", a semi-closed, opaque metal work light should be used to concentrate the light on the tabletop to meet the needs of the work plane without affecting other indoor activities. If you are reading on a chair or couch, it is best to use floor lamps with adjustable direction and height.

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Wide Edge Surface Mounted Led Panel Light

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