Hongli Optoelectronics established a wholly-owned subsidiary Hongjun Investment

Foreign Investment Progress Announcement

The company and all personnel of the board of directors guarantee that the content of the information disclosure is true, accurate and complete, and there are no false records, misleading statements or major omissions.

Guangzhou Hongli Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) was called on April 15, 2016.

The third meeting of the third board of directors was held, and the “Proposal on Investment in Establishing a wholly-owned Subsidiary” was reviewed and approved.

It is agreed that the company will use its own funds of RMB 200 million to invest in the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary “Guangzhou Hongyi Investment Co., Ltd.”.

Recently, the company submitted the application documents for establishment to the Guangzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce, and obtained the “Business License” and the “Notice of Admission Establishment” of Guangzhou Hongyi Investment Co., Ltd. The relevant information for the registration of the Business License is as follows:

Unified Social Credit Code MA59CW7D81

Name: Guangzhou Hongyi Investment Co., Ltd.

Type: limited liability company (legal-owned)

Address: Room 308, Building 2, Office Building, No. 1 Xianke 1st Road, Huadong Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou

Legal representative: Li Guoping

Registered capital: 100 million yuan

Date of establishment: May 12, 2016

Business period: May 12, 2016 to long-term business scope: Business service industry (For specific business projects, please visit the information disclosure platform of Guangzhou Commercial Subject. The projects subject to approval according to law can be operated after approval by relevant departments.) Special announcement.

Guangzhou Hongli Photoelectric Co., Ltd. Board of Directors

May 18, 2016

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