How smart is smart home? Can video surveillance help?

In the developed regions of Europe and the United States, home monitoring systems are popular. Personal video surveillance and public video surveillance, and industry video surveillance have formed a three-pronged situation in the surveillance field. In China, there are more than 300 million families. Among the 300 million households, those who have real economic strength or who are willing to install a home monitoring system account for a small proportion, and a conservative estimate of 10%, that is, 30 million households, is already quite large. Individual users have huge potential demand for home security products, and this market will grow into a major sales market for video surveillance products like Europe and the United States.

Civil security breakthrough, home monitoring hardware revenue increased 6 times

Smart home is a kind of smart device that forms the function of connecting the network, realizes home automation, remote home control, home system interaction, and has functions such as home security, energy management, comfort and convenience. According to a recent study by analyst firm IHS, more than 300 million smart home gateway nodes (such as smart thermostats and connected lighting) will be implemented in the next five years.

There are many different types of smart home systems , from standard home automation systems to demand response devices, connected to smart meters to achieve demand response or peak load; when the total power demand of the grid is highest, such as home appliances, HVAC (HVAC) Energy consumption of equipment such as systems. However, it is a cloud-based remote home management system that will achieve the fastest growth in the coming years.

These systems allow consumers to create scenarios not only through automated devices (such as lowering the temperature when setting up a security system), but also to control or monitor these home devices through a smartphone, tablet or other connected device when the user is not at home.

One of the main drivers behind cloud-based home control is the increasing involvement of existing service providers—such as telecom, television, and surveillance alarm service providers—and a large number of suppliers shifting and expanding the home surveillance market.

North American companies and a range of service providers have driven many initial market initiatives such as ADT, Comcast and Verizon, which offer cloud-based home management solutions. For the North American market, the initial service is usually built on home monitoring, such as home monitoring installations such as magnetic contacts (if the system is set to "away" mode, when the door or window is open, it will alert the user), motion sensors, Even the door lock. According to the latest IHS research, as part of the emerging smart home system, sales revenue targets for these devices will increase from more than $100 million in 2012 to more than $600 million in 2017.

Can home monitoring really become a future home smart assistant?

The networked, intelligent and high-definition of home monitoring has become another level of self-pursuit of the security industry. But the intelligence of home monitoring is based on the development of network technology and high-definition technology. Once the network low speed is the bottleneck of family security development, but now 4G network has been implemented in all parts of the country, the popularity of 4G will be an irreversible trend, the rapid development of 3G and 4G networks has opened up a new situation for the family. Wireless monitoring and high-definition monitoring are developed by relying on the network. The arrival of the 4G era is bound to be a catalyst for the monitoring industry. It is a phased development of home security and will inevitably promote the comprehensive coverage of home network monitoring.

Can home monitoring really become a future home smart assistant? We analyze from the following aspects:

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