In 2015, the global shipment of more than 3,500 KK 红外 between the ideal and the reality of the infrared LED

The ideal is always full, but the reality is so skinny. The infrared LED between the reality and the ideal is also the same. There is a tempting "ideal" with high gross profit, but there is also a narrow "reality" in the market. More importantly, the infrared LED market segment has been targeted by giants such as Osram and Jingdian, leaving very limited space for other companies.

Recently, Li Bingjie, chairman of Jingdian, attended LEDTaiwan and said that Jingdian will actively spur four-yuan vehicle products. This year’s vehicle revenue will increase from 9-10% to 13-15% last year. In addition, infrared In terms of LEDs, it will also range from consumer applications to industrial products such as inspection applications.

Li Bingjie also said that the company recently filed a lawsuit against Guangzhao, mainly to see the application of infrared LEDs in high-power products, and the high-power products will be widely applied in the industrial field. The company sees the market prospect and hopes to build a patent barrier.

This is not the first time that Crystal Power has made it necessary to increase the layout of infrared LEDs.

LED chip giants Yuanyuan Optoelectronics has been engaged in the field of optoelectronic semiconductors for many years. At present, it has advanced manufacturing technology and complete patent layout including Ultra-High Brightness LED Chip, and is also in the leading position in the field of infrared LED. Taking the second half of 2015 as an example, the Jingyuan Optoelectronic Chips Identification Service Group has successively entered the Shenzhen security market to receive fakes on the spot, mainly for this infrared chip.

In the middle of 2015, Yiguang Chairman Ye Yufu also revealed that Yiguang will cooperate with Jingdian to jointly develop special applications of infrared rays, in order to get out of the LED Red Sea competition.

"Infrared light can be used in industrial quantity control, security systems and various consumer electronics. In the future, it will go to the field of network transmission, which is quite extensive and has a considerable output value, including laser, security, plant lighting, and automobiles, such as Google Unmanned Vehicles. It is also one of them. As for medical treatment, there are wearable technologies, even those patients who do not have obvious blood vessels in the hospital, and can also sense blood vessels through infrared LEDs,” said Zhang Shixian, a spokesperson for Jingdian.

According to a survey by the Institute of Advanced Industrial Research LED Research (GGII), the market for infrared LEDs used for safety monitoring in 2014 was US$94 million, and it has grown to US$120 million in 2015. It is expected to continue to climb in the future.

GGII believes that the shipment of global security surveillance cameras will maintain a stable growth trend for a long time in the future. GGII expects that the global security surveillance camera shipments will reach 110 million units by 2016, of which infrared camera shipments are expected. More than 100 million units.

OSRAM has also been in the field of infrared LEDs for a long time.

In September 2015, OSRAM launched a high-density compact minimum infrared LED with an optical power of over 1W. Its compact package and integrated lens enable a compact layout with extremely high power density. IR OSLON Black is ideal for applications such as CCTV, machine vision, night vision or license plate recognition systems.

Infrared LEDs usually use chip materials such as gallium arsenide (GaAs) and gallium arsenide gallium (GaAlAs), and are light-emitting devices that can directly convert electrical energy into infrared light (invisible light) and radiate it out. According to the different wavelengths of infrared light emitted, infrared LEDs are used in different fields, including remote control, medical equipment, space optical communication, infrared illumination, pump source of solid-state laser, automatic credit card system of high-speed road, infrared camera, Infrared monitoring and burglar alarms.

According to the research of high-tech LED, the current gross profit of the infrared LED market is two high, the middle is low, the infrared LED chip and finished product have higher gross profit, and the infrared LED chip has a gross profit of 50%, which is 30% higher than the ordinary blue-green light. Nearly 70%. The gross profit of infrared LED devices is relatively common, maintaining at around 20%.

For example, Shenzhen Xusheng Semiconductor Co., Ltd., which recently landed on the New Third Board, is mainly engaged in infrared LED devices. The gross profit margins in January, 2014 and 2015-January-August were 15.76%, 15.69% and 20.45%, respectively.

Even so, infrared LEDs have become a market segment where domestic LEDs are struggling to survive in price infrared.

In the “Implementation Plan for Building Nanchang Optical Valley and Building Jiangxi LED Industrial Base” issued by the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province, Lianchuang’s LED epitaxial materials, chip and device industrialization projects for power infrared monitoring systems are the key points. one.

Packaging company Daxing Guoxing Optoelectronics also developed new LED device products in the ultraviolet, infrared, automotive and other series in 2015, expanding the new market segmentation of LED and high value-added applications.

GGII survey statistics show that in 2015, global infrared LED device shipments were about 3,500 KK. GLII believes that the downstream application market of infrared LED packaging devices is relatively mature, and the market growth rate will show a gradual growth trend in the future.

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