In 2016, China's LED display companies seized overseas markets

In recent years, China's LED display industry has developed at a high speed. The strength of domestic LED display companies has been significantly enhanced, and their horizons have become more open. More companies have begun to look to the international market and participate in the global market competition. These “first movers” not only actively invested in setting up factories, investing in shares and mergers and acquisitions overseas, but also began to undertake contracting projects for international large-scale projects.

In July 2015, Liard became a shareholder of India's LED display manufacturer MIC. In August, a number of full-color indoor and outdoor LED displays built by Qingsong Technology officially crowned the world-class sports stadium Abdullah Kingdom Sports City.

In August 2015, Liard’s RMB 1 billion acquisition of Pingda Electronics and 100% acquisition of PLANAR.

This series of actions shows that Chinese LED display companies are increasingly looking at the entire international market. Their success stories not only highlight the international influence of China's LED display brands, but also mark the "Made in China" Formally ranked among the highest in the global LED display industry. It can be said that the development strategy of “going out” is becoming the consensus of many LED display companies in China. The domestic LED display enterprises have “goed out” and the level of embracing the international market has reached a new height.

From the perspective of the global LED display market, China is the largest market in a single country, accounting for 25%-30% of the global market. As the domestic market tends to be saturated, domestic LED display companies must “go out” and expand the global market in order to find new growth poles and profit growth points in the industry. Looking at the global LED display market structure, once the important export markets in North America and Europe have become saturated, coupled with increased market access, Russia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America and other emerging countries have great potential for market development.

With the implementation of the “Belt and Road” strategy, China’s LED display companies have “more to go” and have more strategic aspects. These successful “going out” “first movers” show and highlight the highest level and brand influence of “Made in China” in the LED display industry, so that the international community can re-understand China and help expand our circle of friends.

At the same time, we must also face the risks. China's LED shows that the internationalization of multinational operations is not flat. Before cutting into the international market, we must consider all aspects of disadvantages, such as politics, religion, history, culture, etc.; we should also increase awareness of intellectual property protection, enhance awareness of non-tariff trade barriers, and master the industry. Develop the necessary means of prevention and protection.

In 2016, China's LED display companies will not stop at the footsteps of overseas markets. What are the other wonderful things that we will pay attention to.

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