LED display small pitch era has arrived

Taking stock of the technological developments of the display industry in 2013, the small spacing is undoubtedly the most eye-catching landscape. The appearance of small spacing seems to let enterprises find the martial arts cheats that break the bottleneck of their own development: LED small-pitch products have high prices, high profits, and low-margin problems that plague the industry are solved; small spacing can be combined with touch, naked-eye 3D, smart applications, cloud broadcast control And other concepts, the industry's product homogenization is serious and the situation is not broken; trapped in the industry attributes, the LED display market is narrow, the enterprise scale can not be bigger, and the small spacing not only broadens the application field of LED display, but even enters The hope of the civilian market. In addition, the LED companies that have been following the big factories abroad have finally raised their eyebrows at small distances and walked in front of foreign counterparts.

In any case, the small spacing of LEDs is not just a trend of technology, but an era that really comes. This conclusion can be proved from the following points:

1. Among the more than 60 large-scale enterprises that have been tracked for a long time, there are currently about 20 products with P2.5 and smaller spacing.

2. As a DLP company for competing products, Witron and GQY also launched small-pitch products, and have already provided customers as an official solution.

3, some well-known foreign companies, such as Barco's Trans-Lux launched P1.5MM products in April, PLASA, Nanolumens also have such products launched, and LANG AG, Panasonic has long been a Liard small spacing products in Europe and America Sales.

4. The terminal customers also showed good acceptance of LED small spacing, and were widely used in foreign luxury brand display, bank information display, domestic military, water conservancy, intelligent transportation and other fields.

Here is a look at the development of small-pitch products for LED display companies this year:

Liard has a relatively complete industrial chain and ecosystem

Since the world's first 4K ultra-high-definition LED TV at the end of July this year, Liard's share price has been continuously daily limit in just over a week, making the concept of small pitch become the darling of the capital market. Liard's small pitch products cover P1.9, P1.6, P2, P2.5 and 288 inch, 164 inch, 14 inch 4, 110 inch, 110 four-integrated LED TV. At the same time, for the channel market, Liard released the VV series of small pitch products, and direct sales distribution. Through the acquisition of the Internet Yida, Liard has further strengthened its position in the field of broadcasting and television, providing a guarantee for stable shipment of small spacing.

In the supply chain, Liard formed a deep strategic alliance with LED lamp supplier Yiguang Electronics to implement a buyout and defensive attack on its products. In the video source, Liard and Xiaomi Technology embed the Xiaomi TV box in the company's LED TV, and use a large amount of content resources, plus various smart APPs to test the high-end civilian market. Earlier, Liard 144-inch LED TV in the well-known digital information website Zhongguancun Online gave a price of 1.26 million.

Ruituo shows the advantages of the entire industry chain to help LED small spacing

On September 4th, Ruituo released the LED high-precision TV at the 15th China International Optoelectronic Exposition. At present, Ruituo has three small-size LED products of 2.5mm, 2mm and 1.5mm, and 1.0mm LED high-precision display products will soon be available. In the field of small LED spacing, the biggest advantage of Ruituo is the support of the parent company Dehao Runda's entire industry chain. It is understood that Ruituo LED small-pitch products use Ruituo's own package of lamp beads, compared with the price of the competitor, the advantage is obvious.

Zhou Ming UTV's main low-light, high-gray and high-brush and naked-eye 3D concept

Chau Ming Technology is a fast follower in the field of small pitch. Its product UTV small-pitch LED display is divided by low-light and high-ash, which emphasizes the comfort of long-term viewing of human eyes. On October 26, Zhou Ming released a naked-eye 3D super TV that caused a stir in the industry, but in terms of actual results, the 3D effect can only be said to be unsatisfactory. Lin Yifeng, chairman of Chau Ming, also admitted that the naked-eye 3D effect needs high-quality film source to support, and the technology is still continuing to attack, only 60%.

Compared with the innate resource advantages of the small spacing, the engineering and system integrator resources that Zhou Ming has operated for many years will also give him strong support in the competition. It is understood that Chau Ming has set up a special small-pitch TV production line and a dedicated sales team. As an independent business unit, it will open the entire business line next year.

Lianjian Optoelectronics changed the direct selling mode product to focus on the "cloud" concept

Although the 147-inch LED TV was hung up on the official website very early, it was not until the end of October that the company built its own LED small-pitch products, covering P1.2, P1.6, P1.9, P2.0 and P2. 5, wherein P1.2 is the LED display with the smallest industry spacing. According to reports, Lianjian Optoelectronics LED TV is the main concept of “cloud”. The products adopt smart TV control system + cloud computing and cloud storage technology, which have the advantages of mass storage applications and can expand the application software infinitely. Users only need to connect to the Internet to download and share the latest applications and massive resources. In the sales model, Lianjian Optoelectronics changed its sales model of “direct sales + service” in the past, and transformed the micro-small and small-pitch market into a “channel + service” marketing strategy and joined the channel war. However, judging from the current situation of investment attraction, there is still a long way to go before the “one billion yuan” of the channel of joint construction.

At this point, LED display listed companies in addition to Alto Electronics, have established a relatively complete LED small pitch product line.

Among the non-listed companies, Lanpu and Silicon Core Electronics are currently two of the largest shipments. As a latecomer to the small-pitch field, Easystar is also catching up. At the end of November, it released its own small-space product "Lingyun" series.

Lanpu focuses on the sales of small-pitch products in the field of intelligent transportation.

In the small-pitch field, the first-mover advantage of Lanpu is very obvious. When other companies are still in the early stage of layout, the Lanpu LED small-pitch products have entered the harvest period and occupy a large proportion of sales. It is understood that the target performance of Lanpu this year is 350 million, and the small-pitch products account for 200 million. At present, Lanpu small pitch products have three P1.5, P1.8, P2.0, P2.5 models. The P2.5 case created by Lanpu for the Hubei Provincial Expressway Emergency Command Center is the world's largest indoor high-definition LED display project, setting a good success story for the development of small spacing. In addition, Lanpu is the first manufacturer to apply small-pitch products to sports events (the 6th East Asian Games). In 2013, Lanpu actively participated in the exhibitions of intelligent transportation, security, command and dispatch, and proposed the slogan of “Hail” in the LED industry to strengthen service construction. In terms of sales, Lanpu direct sales and distribution, there are already more than 100 agents.

Silicon core electronic exclusive common cathode drive technology focuses on foreign commercial markets

Silicon core electronics is an early entry point in the small pitch field. At the end of 2011, a 1.9mm fine pitch LED display was introduced. In early 2013, a P1.5 small pitch LED display was introduced, which is now ready for mass production. At present, the company is mainly in the foreign market. Its main products are indoor and outdoor small-pitch HD products, which are widely used in foreign TV stations, high-end consumer brand stores and financial fields. Technically, Silicon Core's original common cathode technology solves the problem of high power consumption and overheating of high-density display devices, and has highly integrated features.

Easystar later released the "Lingyun" series

On November 29, 2013, Easystar released its own small-pitch product, the Lingyun series. This time, the Lingyun series released by Easystar has P1.5\P1.923\P2.5. It is understood that the three products released this time can be mass-produced, P1.0, P1.2 display with smaller spacing is also stepping up research and development, and has achieved major technological breakthroughs, is expected to mass production next year. Easystar said that although Easystar's small-pitch products were launched late, the stability of the products and the maturity of the process are among the best in the industry. The small-pitch products launched this time are repeatedly tested by the R&D department and at the partner office. The final product did not show any problems for several months.

As a competitor of LED small-pitch products, DLP companies have also felt the danger, adopting a defensive offensive strategy and taking advantage of their own channels to cut into the LED small-pitch market. Among them, the promotion of Weichuang and GQY is relatively strong.

Flextronics pushes LED products to stabilize the broadcasting market

In April of this year, Weichuang Co., Ltd. successfully released a high-density small-pitch LED display and was the key target of the company. Weichuang small-pitch LED splicing display system provides manual, automatic, and program-controlled three brightness adjustment methods, which can adjust the brightness of the display according to the actual environmental conditions and application requirements of the studio to ensure the quality of the picture. Its true seamlessness, high brightness, high color reproduction, wide viewing angle, double redundancy of power signal, safety and reliability are all in line with the requirements of the broadcasting industry for display systems. It is understood that Wistron has officially launched small-pitch LED products with a pitch of 2.5mm and 1.86mm, and will soon introduce LED products with a small pitch of 1.488mm. In addition, at the press conference of Zhou Ming on October 26, Wei Chuang has established a preliminary cooperation intention with Zhou Ming to jointly develop small spacing.

In the competition of LED display manufacturers, the advantage of DLP enterprises lies in their technology and channel accumulation in the field of indoor display. The most important thing is that DLP companies can provide complete solutions including DLP, LCD, LED and IDB. I believe that in the near future, there will be more competition and cooperation between LED and DLP companies, and there may be cases of cross-border mergers and acquisitions in Shenzhen.

In addition to LED display companies, small-pitch products have a significant impact on packaging companies. Some large packaging companies are not far behind, vying to enter the field of small packaged devices. International manufacturer Nichia (P2 (.5), domestic manufacturers such as Guoxing Optoelectronics (P1.5), Anpuguang (P2.5, P2.0, P1.8), Jingtai Optoelectronics (P2.0), Taiwan Packaging manufacturers Yiguang (already used in P1 products), Hongqi, and Lite-On have their own stable downstream customers.

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