LED factory Q3 gross profit margin rebounded, and the crystal power billion light increased to 30%.

Under the expansion of business scale, the LED factory's gross profit margin in the third quarter rebounded. The gross profit margins of the leading manufacturers, Jingdian (2448) and Yiguang (2393), both rebounded to 30%. Dongbei (2499) under the attention of LEDTV backlight orders, the third quarter pre-tax surplus exceeded NT$400 million, before In the third quarter, the pre-tax profit per share reached 3 yuan, and Yiquan (2486) also announced the net profit after tax of 2.62 yuan per share for the first three quarters.

In the third quarter, the most profitable performance of the upstream epitaxial wafer factory, the proportion of high-brightness blue LEDs increased significantly in the third quarter, the gross profit margin in August hit 30%, September gross margin is higher The original profit of the third quarter of the industry exceeded 700 million yuan, but due to the recent release of 300 million US dollars of GDR, the exchange rate changes, so that the crystal power has tens of millions of dollars in exchange losses, but not detrimental to the high Profits, the third quarter single-tax pre-tax surplus is still more than 600 million yuan, the quarterly growth rate more than doubled.

In the second quarter, Everlight’s gross profit margin was 30.6%. In the third quarter, revenues continued to rise, and gross profit margin continued to rise. The legal person estimates that the third quarter of the company's pre-tax net profit of more than 600 million yuan, the first three quarters before the pre-tax surplus reached nearly 1.35 billion yuan, per share pre-tax surplus of 3.7 yuan, Yiguang is expected to recapture in the third quarter The profitable king of LED.

Yesterday (14), in the first half of the year, Wang Yiquan Precision first announced the third quarter profit, the third quarter after-tax net profit was 228 million yuan, the quarterly growth rate reached 38.75%, the single-quarter earnings per share after tax There is 1.14 yuan, the net profit after tax in the first three quarters is 524 million yuan, and the net profit per share after tax is 2.62 yuan, which opened the first shot for the bright quarterly report of LED. In the past, the profitable king of LED was won by Yiguang. One interpretation was due to the profitability of Dongbei Optoelectronics in the first half of the year, and the profit from the industry was more than 100 million.

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