LED table lamp blooming like a flower

The Desk Lamp BUD is a LED table lamp that can be opened and closed like a flower. The lampshade is designed in the shape of four petals. The table lamp will open like a flower with a slight twist. The 32 LED point light sources are distributed on the four petals. The degree of illumination of the flower is controlled by the degree of opening and closing of the flower. The brightness and color temperature of the light can also be adjusted by the button on the other end of the sphere, providing the choice of cool white and warm white color temperature, and the cold white winter heating in summer. White, very considerate.

    The LED desk lamp adopts 15V DC power and the total power is 4W, which is safer and more energy efficient. This LED table lamp is avant-garde and sci-fi-like. It is made of metal and can be recycled for environmental protection. The different fascia design also makes it easy to adjust the height and angle of the lamp body, which is enough to attract people's attention.

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