Lighting method for garden lamps

LED garden lights usually refer to outdoor road Lighting below 6 meters. The types of lights are ground lights, wall lights, lawn lights, spot lights, water lights, etc., mainly used in urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential quarters, tourist attractions. Outdoor lighting in public places such as parks and plazas.

So how does the courtyard landscape at night show her charm? The answer is the light. Therefore, we must understand the various points of lighting design.

Lighting design requirements

1. The style selection of the courtyard lamps can be matched with the courtyard style. If there is a selection barrier, you can choose a square with a simple line, a rectangle, and a wild. Color, choose black, dark gray, mostly bronze. In general, use less white.

2, garden lighting should use energy-saving lamps, LED lights, metal chloride lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps and other warm light sources. A light source that is too cold, or a faint colored light source, is generally not suitable for private courtyards. In addition, in order to increase the softness and comfort of the light, floodlights are generally selected. Simple to understand, the top is covered, let the light shine, the top cover, and then reflect outward or downward, to avoid direct direct lighting, resulting in glare.

3. Meet the lighting standard values ​​in the park. For details, please refer to the relevant specifications.

4. Arrange street lamps or garden lights according to the size of the road. Roads larger than 6m should be arranged bilaterally symmetrically or in a zigzag arrangement. The distance between the lamps should be between 15~25m; the roads smaller than 6m should be arranged on one side, and the lamps should be kept at 15 ~18m.

5. The garden light and the lawn light control the illumination between 15~40LX, and the distance between the lamp and the roadside is kept within 0.3~0.5m.

6, street lights, garden lights to do lightning protection design, using galvanized flat steel not less than 25mm × 4mm as the grounding pole, grounding resistance within 10Ω.

7. The underwater light uses 12V voltage and uses an isolation transformer.

8, buried lights, buried underground, the best power between 3W ~ 12W.

9. Avoid designing step lights.

Design control points

1, the main road of the community, parks, green areas, with low-power street lights. The height of the lamp post is 3~5m, the column spacing is 15~20m, the effect is better, and there are more lights per column. When the illuminance needs to be increased, the multiple lights are clear.

2. Indicate the waterproof and dustproof rating of the lamp.

3, the list of lamps should include the size, material, body color, quantity, adaptive light source and schematic picture.

4, the lamp post base size design should be reasonable, the base design of the spotlight can not accumulate water.

Lighting arrangement point

General conventional lighting from the partition: ground lawn light series; wall wall light series; truss or outdoor chandelier chandelier series.

Ground lawn lights are generally installed on both sides of the park road or important section turning points to play the role of walking lighting.

Wall wall lights are generally installed in the courtyard wall or the gallery pillars, which play the role of intermediate lighting.

Chandeliers are generally installed at the central point under the eaves or at the pavilion, which serves as the top lighting.

In addition to conventional lighting, there are water lighting and effect lighting. Effect lighting, generally based on spotlights. Water system lighting is generally based on underwater lighting and edge effect lighting.

5 major parts of garden lights

1. LED lighting system includes: heat dissipation, light distribution, and LED module.

2, lamps

3, the light pole, the main materials are: equal diameter steel pipe, heterogeneous steel pipe, equal diameter aluminum pipe, cast aluminum light pole, aluminum alloy light pole. Commonly used diameters are Φ60, Φ76, Φ89, Φ100, Φ114, Φ140, Φ165. According to the height and the place used, the thickness of the selected material is divided into: wall thickness 2.5, wall thickness 3.0, wall thickness 3.5. (The above is the regular size)

4, the flange, is an important component of the LED garden light pole and ground installation.

5, the basic embedded parts

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