Luminus authorizes the production of small PhlatLight LEDs

US LED manufacturer Luminus Devices has signed a licensing agreement with Taiwan's Forepi to allow the use of Luminus' PhlatLight chip technology to produce blue and green GaN LEDs with smaller chip sizes (power LEDs Not more than 1mm 2 ), the power is average. Luminus produces ultra-high power LEDs on large 4-18mm 2 chips.

Frank Chien, president and CEO of Yanyuan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., said they chose Luminus-licensed PhlatLight technology to provide the most efficient chip design for different sizes of LED chips in the industry, and look forward to enabling low- and medium-power blue and green LED chips. PhlatLight technology is used to expand its business. ”

Alexei Erchak, CTO of Luminus, said that the company had completed a funded 19 million project last month and is now focusing on large-size LED chips to increase capacity and yield. About PhlatLight technology, Luminus has 40 patents and more than 100 applications are on record.

The license is not one-to-one. It only acquires chip technology and does not include packaging technology. It is foreseeable that Luminus is unlikely to license its large-scale chip technology.

Edge emitting SMD 335 LED Flexible Strips Product Pic:

335 LED Stirps


Part No. LED Type LED Qty/m Power(W/m) Input Vol. LM/LED Size(mm) Available CCT
SA60LA1 335 60 4.8 12 6 5000*8 WW/NW/PW/CW/R/G/B/Y
SAC0LA1 335 120 9.6 12 6 5000*8 WW/NW/PW/CW/R/G/B/Y

Features of SMD 335 LED Strip Lighting: 

a. LBY Led Strip used high output 335 LED with good color conformity.

b. Our flexible PCB are all high quality double layers FPC, at least 2 ounces, or 3 ounces in particular models.

c. CRI above 80.

d. CE, RoHS and UL certificate. 

335 Side Emmiting Strip

335 Side Emmiting Strip,Side Emitting Led Strip,335 Side Emitting Led Strip,335 Led Strip Side