New energy vehicles are red Chinese power battery outlets

With the continuous improvement of infrastructure, there will be more electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles entering the ordinary people's households in 2011. The commercialization of new energy vehicles will enter deepwater areas and will also enter high-speed development. . With the improvement of various infrastructures, major brands at home and abroad will begin to make efforts in 2011 to increase the distribution of new energy vehicles and promote the development and delivery of new energy vehicles.

Recently, it was reported that the "New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan" drafted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology suggests that the government will invest 100 billion yuan in building the new energy automobile industry chain in the next 10 years, undoubtedly once again at the national strategic level.

In the new energy automotive industry, the three key components are motor, electronic control and battery. The power battery is not only the core of technology, but also the highest technical threshold and the most concentrated profit. The cost of the battery and management system generally accounts for 40%-50% of the total vehicle cost. Therefore, whether it is technology or cost, the power battery is the top priority of new energy vehicles.

With the concept of low-carbon environmental protection and sustainable development becoming more and more popular, and related technologies being greatly developed, the development of new energy vehicles is not only the trend of the world's auto industry structure adjustment, but also the realization of the auto industry by means of new energy opportunities. The only path to structural adjustment.

Now there are two roads in front of China's power battery industry: First, wait, and other power battery technologies that are applicable to electric vehicles have been innovated to realize the transcendence of the functions of traditional cars, and then to scale. The other is to build a business model platform at the current level of technology, which will lead the industry first and gradually increase its capabilities.

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