ON Semiconductor NCL30000 LED Driver Awards

ON Semiconductor, the premier supplier of high-performance, energy-efficient silicon solutions for green electronics, today announced that its NCL30000 power factor correction (PFC) dimming controller has won the leading electronic magazine "Electronics World" LED in China Driver Product "Best Application Award".

The selection of "Electronics World" experts pointed out: "NCL30000 is an excellent product that can help energy saving and low cost. This device integrates PFC, DC-DC conversion and LED driver, easy to use; The small SOIC package also facilitates compact design and low cost. It is worth mentioning that this device can provide up to 80% energy efficiency."


The NCL30000 is available in a compact 8-pin surface mount package that uses a critical conduction mode (CrM) flyback architecture to provide a high power factor greater than 0.95 over a wide AC input voltage range in a single-segment topology, eliminating the need for DC- DC conversion segment. Constant On-Time CrM operation is particularly well-suited for isolated flyback LED applications because of its simple control principle and extremely high energy efficiency even at low power levels. This is important in the field of LED lighting, with the aim of meeting various regulatory requirements and overall system efficacy requirements.

The NCL30000 operates over the -40°C to +125°C temperature range, ensuring the wide range of environmental operating conditions specified in most solid-state lighting (SSL) applications. Typical applications include LED driver power supplies, LED downlights, triac TRIAC dimmable LEDs, and power factor corrected constant voltage power supplies. This device is compatible with leading edge TRIAC dimmers and trailing edge transistor dimmers. Depending on the dimmer used, the LED output can be adjusted down to 2%.

The NCL30000 is a key component of ON Semiconductor's fully tested GreenPointTM reference design for off-line, high power factor TRIAC dimming LED drivers designed for use in US ENERGY STAR commercial and residential lighting applications.

Zheng Zhaoxiong, senior director of global sales and marketing for ON Semiconductor's power and portable products, said: "The LED driver application market is growing rapidly and we are awarded the 'Best Application Award' in this category. This award recognizes ON Semiconductor's work with dimming. Innovative products and technologies required by the LED driver market. We will continue to focus on the market areas that our customers are concerned with, keeping up with market trends and enabling customers to take the lead in new product launches."

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