On the role of criterion layer in ship collision avoidance

The decision-making process of multi-vessel encounter and collision avoidance is an analytic hierarchy process, that is, a way of thinking combining analysis and synthesis; to solve the problem of multi-vessel encounter and collision avoidance, it is necessary to make full use of human experience and judgment to fully Consider various quantitative and qualitative or non-quantitative factors; the essence of solving the collision avoidance problem of multiple ships is to sort and optimize a set of collision avoidance schemes; the current difficulty in solving the collision avoidance problem of multiple ships is to affect the avoidance There are many factors in the selection of collision schemes, and there is a lack of unified measures for these factors.

The basic idea of ​​the AHP method includes two processes: analysis and synthesis. The analysis process refers to analyzing the relationship between the elements in the problem solving system, conceptualizing the problem, and establishing a hierarchical structure of the system. Establishing a good problem-solving hierarchy is the prerequisite for the system to use the AHP method to solve the collision avoidance problem, and it is also the key to ensuring that the obtained avoidance scheme is correct and credible.

After analyzing and synthesizing the complex multi-ship collision avoidance problem, several concepts related to the problem are determined and formed. These concepts are necessary factors to solve the collision avoidance problem. Only one factor at the highest level is collision avoidance, which is the overall goal of the system, so this layer is also called the target layer.

The criterion layer here includes two layers, one of which is the target ship layer; the other layer is the inference layer, which can be divided into two parts: a part is the navigation collision avoidance rule base, among which the rule bases are: standard navigation rule base, The bad visibility navigation rule database, the urgent situation navigation rule database and the urgent dangerous navigation rule database; the other part is the encounter situation, including 11 basic navigation encounter situations such as encounter, crossover, overtake and being overtaken.

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