REP022: Frequency conversion from 900MHz to 3.5GHz with 5dB increase

REP022: Frequency conversion from 900MHz to 3.5GHz RF upconverter with 5dB gain and 5dBm IIP3

Rapid engineering prototypes (Rapid Engineering Prototypes) are the actual circuits that Maxim application engineers build and conduct product testing in the laboratory. They are the starting point for new RF engineering designs. They are not used as evaluation testing tools.

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Objective: To develop a circuit using this down-converter IC as an up-converter.

The MAX2684 is used here as an upconverter. Its performance is tested in the 800MHz to 900MHz IF input band (through the RF input pin), using a local oscillator up to 1.7GHz, and the observed output frequency is 3.5GHz (from differential IF output pin). Use a balun to convert the output and connect to a 50Ω transmission line. The measured upconversion gain is 5dB, and the linearity is + 5dBm IIP3. When designing the matching network, a set of S parameters were referenced. This application circuit is considered very successful.

The MAX2684 is a high-performance, low-power downconverter designed for the 3.5GHz wireless data transceiver receiving channel. It has a conversion gain of 1dB, variable IIP3 up to 12dBm, conversion range from 800MHz to 3.5GHz, using low-end LO (approximately 2.7GHz). The MAX2684 has a LO frequency multiplier that is used when inputting a 1/2 local oscillator frequency. It can be switched between basic mode and frequency multiplication mode. The MAX2684 has a minimum operating voltage of 2.7VDC and is packaged in a 16-lead TSSOP.

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