Sanxiong Aurora will greet the new journey of Guangya Exhibition for the 16th time

Every June, the four-day Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (referred to as Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition) has always been regarded as the largest, most influential, comprehensive and most profitable LED industry event in the industry! Different from 2,587 exhibitors. The Sanxiong Aurora Lighting is attended by “old friends” who have participated in 16 consecutive exhibitions. It is one of the few brands that have exhibited continuously.

Since its inception, Guangya Exhibition has reached its 21st year. Sanxiong Aurora has been exhibiting for 15 consecutive years to accompany the industry event. The so-called, look at the world lighting champion exhibition, view the global lighting industry "sky." As we all know, all exhibitors and exhibition groups can learn about the leading trends, market development trends, the latest technical directions of products, and the development gap at home and abroad. Sanxiong Aurora is well-versed and has been striving to continuously enhance the influence of corporate brands through the exhibition platform, further expand sales channels, and always make unremitting efforts for the development of China's LED industry for fifteen years. After 15 years of persistence, Sanxiong Aurora's wonderful appearance at the Guangya Exhibition perfectly explains its advantages that are incomparable to its peers: the stability of product quality and the richness of product categories; once again showing its customers Provide a full range of lighting solutions and professional services.

Wang Jun, Marketing Director of Guangdong Sanxiong Aurora Lighting Co., Ltd. said that “Guangya Exhibition is a window through which to display our products to customers around the world and domestically. Two-way communication with customers has enabled us to acquire many customers. Views."

It is reported that this time Sanxiong Aurora will carry a full range of commercial lighting, home lighting, hotel lighting, office lighting, outdoor lighting and other categories. These new products have been upgraded in terms of performance, color rendering, life and other performance indicators. Whether in terms of product appearance, structure, light distribution design or product function, they are superior to previous products. The exhibitors received the baptism of LED products.

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