The 40-kilometer intercity railway Wuxi section night lighting project started

During the World Expo, passengers who travel through the Shanghai-Nanjing intercity railway at night will see such a scene in the 40-kilometer Wuxi section: the outlines of Xicheng’s landmark buildings, enterprises along the road and residential areas are clearly visible, The lights illuminate the green trees of the mother-in-law, and the generous and bustling urban atmosphere comes on the scene. It was learned from Wuxi Lighting Management Office on March 16 that the night lighting project of the Wuxi section of the 40-kilometer intercity railway was officially launched and completed before May. The overall landscape lighting should be in line with the development of the city, and the World Expo will be greeted with a unique night environment. Held. During the lighting process, Wuxi City will combine the driving speed and viewing angle of the inter-city railway to extend the area of ​​about 3 kilometers to the two weeks from the Wuxi station, and extend the two sides of the two stations in Huishan and the new area. The range of kilometers, a total of about 10 kilometers along the line is the key area for lighting. Among them, some new buildings in Chong'an, Nanchang and Beitang will be newly built, rebuilt and expanded to form a night vision center along the line. At the same time, the top floodlight projection is added to the high-rise building to form a regional urban skyline; the residential area is modified to properly compensate the lighting, so that the outline of various houses is more clear and three-dimensional. As a result, the high and low urban buildings appear more layered under the lighting effect, and the tin city in the eyes of the passengers is also more rich in three-dimensional.
The relevant person in charge of the lighting management office said that the passengers used to drive at night, only to see the city after entering the station. After May, even if they did not stop in Wuxi when taking the city railway, they could also leave the impression of Wuxi through the city depicted by the lights. . At that time, the passengers felt warmer. Wuxi City will place a luminous sign on the elevated railroad along the railway line, and write the words "Wuxi welcomes you" and "Wuxi is full of warmth and water".
It’s important to attract the attention of the passengers in the night, and the green low carbon is not to be ignored. Night lighting experts said that in the configuration of lighting, the city is more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and healthy. In the vicinity of the railway, the lamps use adjustable angle buried lights or floodlights with anti-glare devices to avoid direct access to the light source in the train; the key lighting objects along the road and road nodes are divided into festivals. Two control modes are usually used; solar panels will be installed at the top of the waiting room of the West Bus Station, and solar energy such as solar energy will be concentrated; LEDs and other high-efficiency and low-energy light sources will be used to save energy by 50%.

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