The new game, the Xiaomi bracelet launched the WeChat red envelope reminder function, do not regret to miss

A few days ago, Xiaomi bracelet official Weibo announced that Xiaomi bracelet update brought an egg, and invited netizens to guess what this function is.

Obviously, "thank you boss" is related to the red envelope. Can the Xiaomi bracelet also grab the red envelope?

This evening, the official microblog of Xiaomi bracelet officially announced the egg. That's right, it's a red envelope reminder.

As long as the user sets the WeChat message reminder on the APP, the Xiaomi bracelet will automatically distinguish the red envelope from the normal chat and remind the user.

Mom no longer has to worry that I missed a few hundred million. . .

The new game, the Xiaomi bracelet launched the WeChat red envelope reminder function, do not regret to miss

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