This rhythm is a bit faster. 10nm process unicorn 970 exposure

[IT168 News] Huawei Mate 9 and Huawei Mate 9 Pro equipped with the latest unicorn 960 processors were released earlier this month and their performance has increased dramatically. It is reasonable to say that the next-generation processor, the Kirin 970, should be the end of next year. However, there is now information about the Kirin 970. According to the latest report from Taiwan media, Huawei's next-generation processor, the Unicorn 970, is already in progress and will be The first cell phone chip produced using the 10nm process continues to be manufactured by TSMC.

Prior to this, Qualcomm had jointly announced with Samsung that the next-generation top-level processor Snapdragon 835 will be manufactured using Samsung's 10nm process. In addition, MediaTek's next-generation ten-core Helio X30 will also use the 10nm process technology, which was built by TSMC. At present, Xiaolong 835 and Helio X30 have taken the lead in volume production and will ship in the first quarter of next year. Currently, Kirin 970 has confirmed that it will use 10nm process technology to produce. There is not much specific information and the architecture may still be eight cores. However, it is basically determined that the integrated baseband will support LTE Cat.12 global full-model specifications.

At present, the Kirin 960 adopts the TSMC 16nm process, and the overall performance is satisfactory. If the 10nm process technology is adopted, the problem of lowering the heating frequency can be greatly alleviated, and at the same time, the power consumption can be extended and the battery life can be prolonged. According to the previous habit of Huawei Mate equipped with the latest unicorn processor, the Kirin 970 next year will be launched on Huawei's new Mate, probably around the end of next year.

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