Toshiba launches the world's fastest new series of SD memory cards

21ic Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) announced today that it will launch a new series of SD memory cards with the fastest data writing in the world. The latest products in the Toshiba EXCERIA memory card series, EXCERIA PROTM and EXCERIATM, are designed to deliver a superior experience for high-end digital camera users, which will be launched in Japan in October and then to major markets around the world.

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The UHS-II compliant EXCERIA card is divided into two series, of which the EXCERIA PRO series will provide photographers with the world's fastest data write speed of 240MB/sec, while the EXCERIA series has a write speed of 120MB/sec. They will allow digital camera users to continuously capture still images at high speeds.

These memory cards are the first in the EXCERIA series to integrate newly developed UHS-II compliant controllers. UHS-II is an ultra-high speed serial bus interface as defined in SD Memory Card Standard Version 4.10. In addition, the data transfer speed of these cards is significantly faster than the previous UHS-I compliant cards.

Although digital cameras have made great strides in image quality and functionality, users have long wanted improvements in data transfer speed and write time to be able to take photos continuously. With the popularity of high-performance digital SLR cameras and mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras and their entry into the mainstream, this demand is growing. Further developments in high-resolution image recording (including 4K2K video) will also drive the market's need for high-speed transmission of data-rich images.

Looking ahead, as a global leader in the NAND flash business, Toshiba will continue to meet market demand by upgrading its UHS-II compliant SD memory card family.

Toshiba launches the world's fastest new series of SD memory cards

Main features (all EXCERIA series)

1. Complies with SD memory card standard version 4.10 HD312, which defines 312MB/sec as the fastest data transfer speed of SD memory card standard version 4.10 UHS-II.

2. SDHC memory card (32GB, 16GB) can interoperate with SDHC host device that complies with SD memory card standard version 2.0.

3. Integrates highly secure CPRM copy protection technology.

4. The minimum recording speed is UHS speed class 1.

Toshiba launches the world's fastest new series of SD memory cards

Toshiba launches the world's fastest new series of SD memory cards

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