Trophy list leaks, NBA 2K17 or contains VR content

Regardless of whether there is a licensing problem or whether it supports VR mode itself, the introduction of VR into mainstream video games has largely excluded sports game types. However, 2K Sports' NBA 2K series seems to be ready to provide a VR experience on the PS4.

That's what Exophase discovered in the leaked trophy list (via Pasta Padre). 13 achievements It is not the full version of NBA 2K17 but the mini-game series inside it will be made into VR games. Party activities, three-point shooting challenges, and time-limited modes are all included.

This is still the first licensed sports video game focused on providing VR experience. I have always believed that sports and VR are not compatible, not only because the games they represent are realizable in real life, but also that VR makes the limitations of an ordinary player more pronounced - and the key to sports video games is like superstars. which performed. That may be why the first introduction of VR in a series of mini-games. What happens after a while, nobody knows.

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