Urban road lighting equipment inquiry procurement announcement

Tender No.: SF-ZC (2009) 054
Tendering Agent: Shifang City Government Procurement Center Owner: Shifang City Finance Bureau Registration Deadline: 2009-09-11
Region: Sichuan Industry: Electrical and Electronic Appliances

The Shifang Municipal Government Procurement Center was commissioned by the Shifang Municipal Finance Bureau (2009) No. 110 to inquire about the purchase of urban road lighting equipment. Welcome your company to participate in this inquiry.
1. Purchase number: SF-ZC(2009)054
2. Project Name: Urban Road Lighting Equipment
3. Purchasing content: 100 pieces of 110W straight tube type sodium metal lamp, 400 pieces of 250W ballast (built-in), 60 pieces of 110W ballast (external) and 500 pieces of 36w energy-saving lamps. (The brand is limited to GE, PHILIPS, Osram, Panasonic)
4. Time and place for the issuance of the inquiry documents: September 3, 2009 to September 10, 2009, Beijing time, 8:30-17:30 (except holidays), sold at the Shifang City Government Procurement Center.
5. When purchasing the inquiry documents, you must carry: 1 copy of business license 2 relevant qualification certificate [tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, product related certification, direct authorization of manufacturer and other relevant qualifications, etc.] 3 power of attorney; above 12 Check the original copy (with official seal) 3 to receive the original.
6. Document price: RMB 100 per set, the tender will not be refunded after it is sold.
7. Bid deposit: 1000 yuan, the bidding site will be submitted on site, and the unsuccessful bidder will be returned on the spot. When the successful bidder signs the contract, it will be refunded after the performance bond is provided.
8. Deadline for submission of bids: 9:00 Beijing time on September 11, 2009
9. Place of bid: Shifang Municipal Government Procurement Center (No. 1 Yufeng North Road, Shifang City)
10. Bid Opening Time: 9:00 Beijing time on September 11, 2009
11. Bid Opening Location: Shifang Municipal Government Procurement Center (No. 1 Yufeng North Road, Shifang City)
Contact Unit: Shifang City Government Procurement Center Tel - Mr. Wang Fax Zip Code: 618400
Account name: Shifang City Finance Bureau (non-tax funds)
Bank of deposit: Commercial Bank Shifang City Branch Account

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