Yingyeda Investment LED Factory ä½°360 million New Taiwan Dollar

On March 23, Inventec’s board of directors approved a vertically integrated investment case and expects to purchase the privately convertible corporate bonds of the LED packaging factory, Shun Hong Industrial (3031), for NT$360 million. If the future is fully converted into stocks, Inventec The shareholding of Yuhong is about 4%.

In addition to investing in downstream LED packaging factory, Inventec has also invested in LED upstream factory Guangguang, and the current LED layout can be said to be gradually complete. Li Shiqin, chairman of Inventec, said that the investment is also focused on the new application of green energy. He said that energy saving and carbon saving is one of the five major directions for the company's future development.

Related stock price 2010/03/24 - 11:11 佰鸿TWD 45.60 (+1.33%)

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