Youku CIBN Cube 4K TV Box Lynx Mall for only 299 yuan

Last week we released a video of the Youku Cube TV box online. Soon, on September 9th, Youku CIBN Cube Edition was launched at the flagship store of Tmall Youku. The price was only 299 yuan. Youku’s first Commemorative Edition features a quad-core eight-in-one top configuration that supports 4K HD decoding and easy 2160P video presentation. This TV box uses the CIBN legitimate Internet TV license, and massive video resources are provided free of charge. Currently Youku CIBN cubes are stocked with 2,000 units, and now you can enjoy triple discounts on your orders:

1. Receiving confirmation confirms that you can send Youku member quarterly card with a value of 60 yuan.
2. The top 100 purchase orders, also sent four puffs Pouch storage bag;
3. Receiving praise and contact customer service to send 0 threshold 10 yuan coupon;

Youku CIBN Cube

Youku CIBN Cube TV box has a full black fuselage and prismatic design, strong angular lines, with a strong magic color, complex definition of the Rubik's Cube, is an excellent decoration.

Youku CIBN Cube equipped with ARM Cortex A9 quad-core 2.0G HZ processor, Mali-450MP6 eight-core GPU graphics processor, equipped with 8G user storage, 1G DDR3 memory, especially the concept of the main speed wifi, download super fast, play more smoothly, It can satisfy users' needs for watching large movies, playing large-scale 3D games, listening to music and many other home entertainment needs.

Youku massive popular films are in this box, enjoy the endless whole network exclusive, starting blockbuster and hot drama. The boot is the Youku interface, a well-designed search system, the elderly and children can easily get started, Youku members use more convenient.

It is a trend for video websites to enter the television box field. After all, they have their own advantages in film sources, and the broadcasting and TV continue to restrict the application of the video TV version on other boxes. Therefore, it is only right to use their own boxes to implant their own resources. Youku CIBN is the time for the Rubik's Cube, better designed and better performance, and massive source support for 4K, all of which allow users who have recently used the TV box to get some relief. The price of 299 yuan is considered by the industry as a conscience.

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