Yujing Guang wants to invest 1.5 million US dollars to set up Lijing Optoelectronics in Shenyang

Taiwan's optical lens manufacturer Yu Jingguang (3406) will invest 1.5 million US dollars to set up Lijing Optoelectronics in Shenyang. The new company will be responsible for the production and sales of LED street lamps and lamps.

At present, Yujingguang's LED street lamps and lamps are mainly used in the mainland market. The establishment of the new Shenyang company is aimed at winning the scale of LED street lamps in Shenyang. If you win the Shenyang business, Lijingguang will be able to produce and supply nearby, and improve business efficiency.

Yu Jingguang has operations in both general and government standards, and will not rule out the ownership of its own brand in the future.

Ridging Machine:

Ridging machines are versatile and the Ridging machine used in paddy field, which is welcomed by paddy field ploughing farmers by a plurality of unique advantages. These products are of small resistance and high efficiency. In addition, the shaft sealing of these products are proper and without straw winding. Our ridging machine also has advantages of racing against time, saving labor, working efficiency and low cost etc.

Discription of ridging machine:

Ridging machine model:1Q1-140

Auxiliary power(ke): 36.8

Geng web(cm): 140

Tillage depth(cm):12-16

Tillage depth:side gear

Tractor connections:three suspension

Tractor PTO speed r/min:540/720

knife shaft speed r/min:196/291

Scope:tobacco,vegetables and other ridge forming


Building quality kg:24

PTO flower number key ×outer diameter:8×38mm

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Ridging Machine

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